Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My Weekly latest guidelines

Briefly (as I'm short of time! and the way the guidelines are laid out won't cut and paste easily onto Blogger)

For January/February issues My Weekly are looking for:
1400-1600 words Twist in the Tail. Particularly light hearted or very moving themes.
700 word Coffee Break. Again, light hearted or moving.
1200 or 2000 word Romance stories. Light hearted themes.
2500-3000 Long Reads.

Remember no MSS will be returned now, so if you hear nothing after 6 months consider it rejected. No need for SAEs (though I am sure most people email subs to them these days). Only send one sub a month.


Lydia said...

Thanks Womag. It's a good job you post them here, because otherwise we'd never know! All the best for things with your Mum.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Womag. And all the best to you mum. Julie xx

Kath said...

Thanks, Womag.

Colette said...

Cheers womag. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on what is the normal length of time for an acceptance from MW these days. I mean I think we all know about their 6 month rule but in reality does anyone get something accepted close to that deadline or is it a case of if it's not been accepted in 2 months it's not going to be?
Hope things are okay with your mum.

Lydia said...

Colette - you are more likely to be accepted near the 6 month deadline than earlier I'd say.You tend to get news altogether - so you'll hear about all your stories at once. Some will therefore have been with them a shorter time, but if you haven't heard up to 6 months it still might be good news!

Colette said...

Thanks for that Lydia. There's still hope for mine then. It's been with them 2 months.

LilyS said...

Hi Womag - Do you have a name of who I can address my cover letter to My Weekly? I emailed them but I've had no reply.


womagwriter said...

Hi Lily

Liz Smith is the fiction editor at My Weekly so address your subs to her. Easiest is to use the email address Note they take a long time, and currently do not tell you if your story is rejected. If you don't hear from them for 6 months assume it's a rejection.

LilyS said...

Thanks Womag. I had another look before I subbed and saw that Liz was the CFE so I made the email out to her. Maybe thats in a way better than not getting a big fat NO! But still a pain to have to wait so long :(