Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My Weekly pocket novels guidelines

Please address: For the Attention of Maggie Seed

Love! Romance! Passion! Adventure!
Avid fans of romantic novels can get their fix from My Weekly Pocket Novels!
Two published every fortnight.

We look for stories with a strong, developing romance between two identifiable characters. Within the time it takes to read one of the novels, we would like the reader to share and experience the breathless/breath-taking excitement of a growing relationship.
Do: Create characters our readers can identify with, rejoice with or grieve with. They can have flaws.
Do: Thrill and intrigue the reader. You have two hours (roughly) to take the reader through a gamut of emotions and resolve the dilemma, mystery, pitfalls and obstacles.
Do: Include a heart-stopping moment! Key moments to consider: She realises she likes him; she thinks he is lost to her forever; that second-chance moment when she realises happiness can be hers…THE KISS!
Some questions you might like to answer: How can she resist him? How did he misjudge her? What kind of a woman is she?
Do: Set our pulses racing (ooh la la!) BUT remember we want passion, not pornography!
Do: Use dialogue so the reader can participate in the story’s development rather than being told in large chunks of straight narrative.

Sometimes: There can be a secondary plot to help develop the romance. For instance, there are often complications and misunderstandings between the hero and the heroine, or there is something vital at stake, such as a child, an inheritance, a relationship etc.
Crime and intrigue can feature, as long as they don’t distract from the developing romance.
Who: Our heroines vary in age from their early twenties to middle-age and are compassionate and morally sound. They are more modern in their relationships, thoughts, feelings and experiences when the novel has a contemporary setting.
Where and When: Stories can be set anywhere in the world and can be contemporary or historical.
How: The story is usually told from the woman’s point of view, although occasionally it is from the man’s.

Please send in a synopsis and the first three chapters in manuscript form or via email.
If we wish to proceed, we will ask you to send in the full novel electronically.
Word count: around 30,000 words, no more than 32,000.
Double spacing, double quotes, single space only between full stop and next sentence.
If accepted for publication the completed novel must be presented electronically in a format compatible with ours (i.e., Word or rich text format)

Please send to:
My Weekly Pocket Novels
D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.,
80 Kingsway East
Dundee DD4 8SL


Geraldine Ryan said...

Er - there is no mention of payment here. I would want to know what they paid before investing what would obviously be a great deal of time and sweat on such a long project.

Perhaps someone from the magazine, or someone who reads this blog who has sold a pocket romance, could give us an idea?

Patsy said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm planning to have a go at one of these.

I agree it would be nice to know what they pay. Maybe it depends on the number of copies sold, so it's difficult for them to say?

Quillers said...

Geraldine, they pay £200 for First Cheap Paper Rights. I haven't sold mine to them yet, but that's the price they quoted me.

It's not much, but I have it on good authority that once a pocket-novel has been published by MW, it's then possible to sell it on to a large print publishers, and therefore make more money from it being on loan in libraries.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Thanks, Quillers.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Thank for that info. It's something I was going to look at.