Monday, 23 November 2009

Get your name in print!

And raise money for an excellent charity at the same time. Here, novelist Kate Long is auctioning the chance to name a character in her forthcoming novel. What a fantastic idea, and a great cause! If you can't afford to bid please do pass this message on, or consider making a direct donation to Quintessentially Foundation.

I quite fancy reading about a character named Sleb Ritty. So to save poor Kate the challenge of working him into her novel (he's a journalist with no sense of morals or ethics, writes for the tabloids by the way), get over there and outbid me!


Julie P said...

Hi, Womag. It's a wonderful idea! I can't afford to bid, but I've put the call out on my blog too. I copy and pasted your message with links to your good self and the charity and Kate long's website - also to your blog - hope this is okay? I wonder what wonderful names people will come up!

Julie xx

Kate said...

Aw, thanks, Julie.

Kath, you are a little devil. Sleb Ritty - honestly! :-)

vismum said...

Just to thank you for your blog, which I'm finding a real inspiration.
Bev x

penandpaints said...

Sleb Ritty, that's a good one :) wouldn't envy poor Kate weaving that name into her book!