Monday, 30 November 2009

Sally's new competition calendar

For those of you who like entering writing competitions, check out Sally Q's new competition calendar, here. Hundreds of competitions listed by closing date. Invaluable resource for writers, bookmark it NOW!


Anonymous said...

Hello everybodyt. It's not a reply to thesubject, mora desperate cry for help! I have sold a story to That's Life inAustralia. They have sent a telegraph form to sign and return. I have absolutely no idea how to sign a form on line. Anybody know of a way rather than posting it? I'd be eternally grateful to you if you did! Thanks. Marian Hipwell

Emma B said...

Thanks for posting this but do you not feel that competitions are often very hit and miss? I think they can be much more difficult to get right as there is often little to indicate what the judges are looking for.

LilyS said...

This is brilliant!!

Also, not sure if you know of this but I got a reply from My Weekly (when I asked them who to send my work to!) and they included the following letter:

Dear Contributor,

Thank you for your interest in our current guidelines.

I am very sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately due to the volume of short stories currently flooding into our offices, I am, for the foreseeable future, unable to read and therefore accept unsolicited stories from authors who have not already had an acceptance from My Weekly.

If you have contributed to My Weekly in the past I thank you for your submissions, if not, I’m sorry I can’t offer you, at this time, the opportunity to have your work published with us.

The very best of luck with your writing.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Smith
Commissioning Fiction Editor.

I sent them a story on 18/11/09 and they have told me they would still consider that one.

Kath said...

As one door opens, another one closes!

womagwriter said...

Marian - I printed and signed mine, and sent it snail mail. Or you could email them and ask if it's ok to just fill it in and email it back with no signature? Well done on the sale anyway.

Emma - yes, competitions can be much more subjective. I guess the judges are looking for good stories well written though, which is pretty much the same as the magazine editors.

Lily - oh bum. What bad news. MW's staff reduction exercise earlier this year seems to have really screwed them up. Will copy this to a post so no one misses it. Thanks for passing it on.

marianh said...

Womag, thanks for that. A fellow who came to clean my carpet told me on the internet you can just print the signature. I tried it and emailed the form back to them. They seem to have accepted it becaquse she emailed thanking me and saying she would put it through. I also sent one snail mail in case they wouldn't take the other. Congratulations on your two sales. Mine is only a single grin but it's a big grin! Marian H

marianh said...

DC Thomson used to have such a good reputation wth writers for being helpful and everything. What a pity they are doing this now. Woman's Weekly also get inundated but so far they have not, to my knowledge, started this. Shame on My Weekly.

mnarianh said...

Womag, when I said print the signature I mean type it into the form. Then you can email it straight back. You will get your money quicker! MarianH