Thursday, 3 December 2009

Cover Girl

Cally Taylor, who lives on Cloud Nine these days, is on the cover of the latest Writers' Forum magazine, now out. She's had an amazing year, and is interviewed in WF by fellow blogger Helen.

Also in WF is a feature by Olivia Ryan about writing under a psuedonym. She should know, that's hers!

Add the start of a new series by Della Galton on novel writing, Sally Q's regular competitions column and the back page 'where I write' feature with Australian womag writer Glynis Scrivens and you've got a brilliant edition of the mag. One of my favourite regular features which I haven't gushed about before is Hugh Scott's quirky Tales of my Guru. I'll be off to bed early tonight to read it cover to cover.

Ask for a subscription for Christmas!


Debs said...

I'm looking forward to receiving my copy. Can't wait to read it.

Honeysuckle said...

Writers' Forum has improved so much since the re-vamp. Thanks for the info.

Karen said...

That's a good idea actually - the place where I usually buy my copy has closed down and there's nowhere else locally I can get it!

penandpaints said...

I can never find WF in the shops either! By the way I think Cally's success is brilliant news! It just goes to remind us all what can happen if you don't give up!

Anonymous said...