Monday, 7 December 2009

Woman's Weekly latest guidelines

Writer Geri forwarded me the following updated guidelines for Woman's Weekly. Apparently Clare Cooper of Woman's Weekly specifically asked her to forward them to me to post here! Which makes this blog kind of official, don't you think?!


We regret we can’t accept stories by email. Please include an sae in case we have to return your manuscript.

Fiction is a vital ingredient of Woman’s Weekly, the place where readers can escape and switch off. This doesn’t mean predictable plots or old-fashioned
romances. Escapism means getting involved in a really gripping tale with believable characters. Above all, we are looking for originality and a wide variety of themes and moods, such as mystery, humour, relationships and family issues, with warmth still an important factor. Try to be subtle in your writing and remember the maxim: “Show don’t tell”. We recommend you read several issues of Woman’s Weekly and Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special to get a feel for our audience.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer criticism, but if your writing shows promise, we will contact you.


For the weekly magazine:
Short stories of 1,000 and 2,000 words
Serials in 3 parts of 3,800 words each

For Fiction Special (At least 20 stories 10 times a year):
Stories of 1,000 to 8,000 words


- We read only typescripts. Handwritten work or disks can’t be considered.
- Double line spacing on one side of the paper only and wide margins.
- Number each page and make sure your name is at the top of each page.
- If sending stories from abroad, please enclose an international reply coupon.
- If you would like us to acknowledge receipt of your manuscript, enclose a stamped, addressed postcard.
- Please note that it can take up to sixteen weeks for manuscripts to be considered, and that we are unable to enter into any correspondence by email.

Please send stories/serials to:
Fiction Department, Woman’s Weekly, IPC Media, Blue Fin Building,
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU.

Note the maximum word length for the fiction specials - up to 8000 words, which would be a pretty meaty story! And it's great to see a fiction market which is prospering, and actually wanting writers' guidelines to be widely circulated.

Good luck with your submissions. It's not a market I've had much luck with. Maybe I should specifically target it in 2010.


Lynne Hackles said...

Thanks for this. Like you I may target this magazine in 2010. The truth is I've been trying to get into it for 16 years now and no luck. It's the only UK magazine I've not been published in. Every so often I consider giving up on it and then tell myself I won't be beaten.

Quillers said...

Lynne, that makes me feel so much better about not getting anything accepted by WW. They've had one of my stories since January this year, and I keep hoping that's a good thing.

Julie P said...

You can't give up on Women's Weekly now, Lynne! You never know if your next story will be the one that breaks through if you don't try!

I'd be happy to get a dhort story in any od the UK womwn's mags that carry fiction - so I'll be targeting them again next year too.

Thanks for posting the guidelines, Womag

Julie xx

womagwriter said...

Lynne, they bought one from me in 2004 and nothing since. But one day we'll crack them!

Jenzarina said...

Thanks for posting that up. Good luck to everyone in 2010!

Susan at Stony River said...

I haven't had a thing picked up by them either, but it's so good to read that I'm not alone LOL. Thank you for posting the updated guidelines, and thanks to Geri for forwarding them!

Geraldine Ryan said...

You're welcome Susan!

Colette McCormick said...

Not cracked this market yet but not give up hope either. You must be chuffed womag that Geri was asked to forward this to you so that you could post it.

Jan Jones said...

I've had reasonable success with WW - but they still reject more than they take.

And I should just think you are official, so there!

Patsy said...

Of course you're official! This is 'the' blog for info on writing fiction for women's magazines.

Kath said...

That's not only a big compliment, Womag, but very encouraging for the rest of us. It's made my evening and I'm going to have a really good go at Woman's Weekly next year. I'm a big fan of theirs anyway and had a subscription before I even thought of writing anything myself.

Olivia Ryan said...

Yes, thanks for this Womag and Geri! What a compliment for your blog, and well deserved.

Funny how we all have successes - or otherwise - with different mags. I do get stories accepted by WW (from time to time!) but CAN'T get into TAB, and as Lynne says about WW, I refuse to give up but have felt close to it! Good luck to everyone trying new markets for 2010. x

june said...

Thanks for this, great news and lots of useful advice. Woman's Weekly will be on my wish list for next year ... wishing to get published, that is!

LilyS said...

Thanks for posting and congrats on the official status!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I find it remarkable that mags still don't accept submissions via email, when a large part of modern society now use email for their everyday communication - it seems rather archaic.

Kazzmoss said...

I've just done a search for My Weekly Writer's guidelines and come up with this blog.

What a brilliant place. Thank you so much. I have added to my list and will be back frequently.

CeeBee said...

Oh dear. So many people who WW don't want! Who do they want?!

I've just written a YA novel and while I'm waiting to find that one agent with impeccable taste who will of course just snap it up, I am trying my hand at women's fiction.

I am about to send off my first couple of stories to WW but if experienced writers find them tough, what hope does a 23 year-old newbie have?!

This is a great blog. I'm learning so much from you all without ever having even met you! I finally see the point in blogging...

Lucy said...

I came on here with the hope of finding out how long they keep your manuscript at WW. After reading Quillers comment I see they keep it for a long time! Personally I will be contacting them after 16 weeks so I can send it else where......after re-formatting for a different market. Hoping to get published anywhere in the next year! :)