Sunday, 24 January 2010

100 Stories for Haiti

Here's a worthwhile project. Donate a 1000-word story to an anthology, proceeds from which go to the Red Cross for the Haiti disaster appeal.

Edited to say the deadline has been extended to midnight, Wednesday 27th. You have another 30 hours to send something!

Here's more details from the link:

We want short story submissions to help raise money for disaster-stricken Haiti. Out of the submissions, 100 pieces of fiction will be chosen to appear in an e-book and paperback, the proceeds of which will go to the Red Cross.

If you want to send a short story, please follow these guidelines:

•Do not exceed 1,000 words.
•No stories containing graphic violence, death or destruction.
•We want stories with a lot of HEART, a dash of COMPASSION, and unmeasurable amounts of HOPE. Stories that anyone can read. Stories that leave you feeling as though life really is worth living.
Send all stories in the body of an email to:

Stories sent as attachments will *not* be opened. Write “Submission” in the subject of the email.

Please follow the above guidelines carefully, and include your full contact details.

Stories must be received by Midnight, Monday 25 January, 2010.

Nick Harkaway, author of ‘The Gone Away World’, will be editing a story for the book as well as penning the introduction.

The e-book will be sold on The paperback will be published and sold by Unbound Press, and will be available online about a week after the release of the e-book.


Jenzarina said...

Thanks for plugging this! I have sent them a story and wish them all the best with their wonderful idea. The more stories they have to choose from the better it will be!

Elizabeth McKay said...

Thanks for letting us know about this Womag. It's a great idea. Not a lot of time though, but hopefully I'll have something that fits in with the wordcount that I can send.

Old Kitty said...


Oh no!! I'll really try with this one but the time's really tight!

It's something I'd really want to get involved in so I better get starting!

Take care


Debs said...

Thanks for posting about this.

Jayne said...

Thanks Womag, I'll try and get something together tomorrow. Wonderful idea.

Patsy said...

An unusual way to try to raise money and there's no doubt the people of Haiti need all the help they can get.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Easier to send money, I'd say!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Womag. I've just sent one off to them - not a lot of time though! I hope their book sells really whether they use my story or not.

Julie xx

Quillers said...

I don't have anything appropriate, but good luck everyone who sends one in.

penandpaints said...

Thanks womag, what a nice idea.
Just noticed your post at 10.30pm, then quickly edited a 1400 word story I had down to 1000 and have just subbed it, I do like a tight deadline. Phew!

Bernadette said...

The deadline has been extended to midnight on Wednesday.

Helen Seymour said...

First of all... I only discovered this blog recently and I just wanted to say what a fantastic site it is, the wealth of information available is staggering, so thank you! I know this isn't strictly relevant to the post but I am a technological idiot and wasn't sure if there was anywhere to post general comments...

Secondly what a lovely idea this '100 stories for Haiti' is... a great way to raise money and spread a bit of hope. Thanks for letting everyone know.

Antonia said...

Yes, great idea. I sent them a story, so fingers crossed.

Karlo said...

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Nishant said...

The more stories they have to choose from the better it will be!

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