Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Great posts on the short story

I mentioned here that Sally Z was starting a series of posts analysing what makes a great short story. She has now completed a number of thought-provoking posts so it's worth popping over to take a look when you've got a few spare minutes. Here are some links, or just scroll back through her blog for the last couple of months.

Shape and Structure
Handling emotions
Detailed discussion of a published literary short story
Sense of place


penandpaints said...

Thanks for the link, Womag, I was just reading Sally's post on 'openings'
I was one of those writers that submitted to QWF, In the critique I was told to ditch the first two pages. It was very good advice as when I looked at it again, it was just waffle.
Now I always try to jump right into the action!!

Queenie said...

Thanks for the reminder, Womag, I found her first post very helpful but - what with Xmas and everything - I'd forgotten to check back, so this is a timely and useful post.

womagwriter said...

Penandpaints - yes Sally in her QWF days always gave brilliant critiques. I've a soft spot for her because I sent her the first ever short story I wrote, and had such useful and positive feedback it spurred me on in my early writing career.

Queenie - you are welcome!

Sally Zigmond said...

Thank you so much, womagwriter, for your kind words. I wrote those little critiques to help new writers, although you wouldn't think so from some of the reactions I got!

And I always rely on this blog (and that of the other Sally--Sally Q) for tips, guidelines and encouragement.

Old Kitty said...


I'm so glad I stumbled into this blog. It's excellent and really helpful.

Thank you for putting all Sally Zigmond's advice on short story writing in one place (I can just click and print to read). such a great thing to do.

Thanks to Sally too for such sound advice (I particularly like the one on handling emotions), i.e. less is more.



cadno said...

Aha! I've finally found out how to do this (having gone to all the trouble of setting up a Blog, in the mistaken belief that it would end up on this site). I think I'm confusing a Blog with a Forum... Anyway, I just wanted to say how useful this site is, to me, as I'm new to writing and new to blogging (although, sadly, old to life). I've sent some stories to magazines, and also entered a competition, which I won, to my great surprise. I've had some rejections, all saying my stories weren't right for the markets I chose. An abject lesson in the importance of research, if ever there was one.... I've been snowed in for 2 weeks, and unable to get out to buy magazines, but - as soon as I can - I'm going to apply myself properly to putting my feet up and reading them all ... In the meantime, the Womagwriter blog has been a real inspiration, and I wanted to say thank you for it to all concerned. I just wish I could get my head round the blogging principal, so that I could enjoy it even more (e.g. I saw a passing reference to somewhere to send manuscripts, for critique - but, frustratingly, I lost it again ...) I'm sure that - to most people - it's all as easy as falling off a Blog, but I'm struggling a bit ... Thanks again, though, for all the info on here, and best wishes to all.

womagwriter said...

Hi cadno - welcome to this blog and congratulations on the competition win!

Karen said...

Really interesting, thanks for this :o)