Sunday, 31 January 2010

International magazine swap?

Picking up on a comment left by Claire from downunder on my last post - is anyone interested in an international magazine swap?

Study your markets, we are always told. But it's tricky for we Brits to get hold of copies of Woman's Day or Australian That's Life, and the Aussies can't find The Weekly News or Take A Break. Ireland's Own never graces British newsagents shelves, and the only South African You magazines I ever saw are those I bought while on holiday there.

So, how about this -

If you have back copies of magazines you don't want, and are prepared to post them abroad in return for back copies of other magazines, leave a comment after this post, saying what you can offer and what you would like in return. You need to include some method by which people can contact you - if leaving an email address I would advise disguising it a little to avoid getting automatic spam, eg write '(at)' rather than the @ sign.

Then anyone interested in what you are offering who can provide what you are looking for, can contact you directly.

Note I'm not coordinating the swapping - just using this blog as the meeting place, or swapshop. (Just call me Noel...!)

What do you all think? Shall we give it a whirl?


LilyS said...

I have a few old TABFF from 2008/9 and a couple of My Weekly from 09. Would love to swap for some of the aussie mags that I know some of the girls in my womag group have sold to. But I'm open to seeing any markets that I can't get here.


Thanks Womag!

Elaine said...

Claire, just read your comment on the other post. I've got 3 copies of the Weekly News from March/April 09 that I'd be happy to send you.
Not looking for anything in return as I'm trying to downsize my magazine collection!
Email me on ellie_umpkin at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Anonymous said...

I can swap a few Woman's World magazines, as well as New Love Stories and possibly some True Confessions from the US, if anyone's interested.

I need Fiction Feast, Woman's Weekly, People's Friend, and Fast Fiction (AUS) if anyone's willing. Also, if anyone has old MW Pocket Novels taking up space I'd be glad to take them off your hands.

Email at FlaGerrie at aol dot com


Gerrie, from waaaaay out of the loop in Florida

HelenMHunt said...

I have a fair few up to date Woman's Weekly and My Weekly, and a couple of TAB Fiction Feast that I would be wiling to swap for some copies of That's Life Fast Fiction, or other Australian mag that takes fiction.

I can be emailed via my blog if anyone is interested.

Kath said...

I too have loads of up to date Woman's Weeklies plus some My Weeklies from last year and would be interested in Woman's Day or other Australian mags that take fiction.
My email address is kathjohn32(at) Thanks for the post, Womag, seems a really good idea.

mollie said...

i have some sierra club magazine's and some poets & writers magazine's plus one pop magazine. looking for anything, i read just about anything i can get my hands on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Womanwriter. I'm thrilled with the response!

I've emailed Lily, Elaine and Gerrie. I hope someone else can swap with the other people who've taken the trouble to comment.

Thanks, everybody.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to type Womanwriter!


Tickle said...

I think this is a brilliant idea but with regards to YOU magazine in South Africa - are they still taking submissions? I only ask because I have have two out of six stories recently returned with the message "Deleted - not read."
I understood from this website that YOU take submissions from the UK, even previously published ones.
I am one of the writers regularly published in the mags in the UK so I don't know why they are doing this - unless they are not accepting.
Might be idea to find out before writers take time to swap this particular mag.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Thanks, Womag, for starting it.

I would still love to get my hands on some MW Pocket Novels if anyone has some (or even one) they want to get rid of.

Thanks. Email FlaGerrie(at)aol(dot)com


Queenie said...

Just done an inventory:
1. Two very recent copies of The Weekly News
2. Two copies of My Weekly from last summer
3. Take a Break Fiction Feast from December
4. One copy of Yours from last Aug/Sept
5. Two People's Friends from last summer, and the latest Autumn and Winter special issues
6. A Woman's Weekly from last Sept, and two WW Fiction Specials from last Oct and Nov
I'd be interested in That's Life Fast Fiction (I have issue 1 from summer 2010), Woman's Day, and any other non-UK mags that take fiction.
Email address on my blog.

womagwriter said...

Glad to see there's lots of response to this here! I hope you're all getting in contact with each other as well. We're a bit Brit-heavy here, come on you Aussies, get swapping!

I haven't had time to sort out my swapsies yet, will try to do so this week.

Tickle - not sure what the answer is re YOU magazine. Someone else commented stories are being returned unread. They have certainly bought from UK writers in the past.

Anonymous said...

Re: You, South Africa

I had a story accepted in November, and have another one being considered now (yes, I've been told that it's being considered).

So, they are still taking submissions.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Brit Down Under so I can get hold of That's Life, Woman's Day, Woman's Weekly on a regular basis.

I do buy English Woman's Weekly and People's Friend, but I've never seen The Weekly News.

My email address is vickyandjd at primusonline dot com.

Looking forward to some regular correspondence and mag swapping.


Quillers said...

If anyone would like to see two pages from Swedish magazine, Allas, featuring my story, they're on my blog.

Whilst you may not be able to read the translation, I think the layout and picture used gives a good idea of what sort of magazine it is. Very similar to My Weekly, I think.

Niddy said...

I have some Pocket Novels, People's Friend and My Weekly. Would like any overseas mags.

Also have a few Yours mags, People's Friend, My Weekly and Woman's Weekly.

email -

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bang on about YOU magazine but I can't understand why they would delete unread. Rejection is fine, sale even better. Can I ask 'Anonymous' who has had a story accepted in Nov and another being considered, does she/he submit to them via email? And if so, in what format. I send my attachments in Rich Text Format which is the only way my UK ed's can open them from my system. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

That was me. I submit via email with a Word doc attachment.


Anonymous said...

great idea for the mag swap.
i'm a brit living in australia and until now i've been buying UK mags via a UK website and getting them posted out to me, delivery isnt too expensive and the best thing about it is you can order just one or two copies at a time.
its called:

i'd love to get my hands on some US mags though. does anyone know of a similar US website?

Anonymous said...

I have the latest Australian "That's Life Fast Fiction" special,
in return for the latest UK "Take a Break Fiction Feast!" any offers?
ali jo reyn (all one word) (at) aol dot com

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Nishant said...

I would be wiling to swap for some copies of That's Life Fast Fiction, or other Australian mag that takes fiction.

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