Friday, 15 January 2010

My Weekly guidelines Jan-Feb 2010

Briefly, here's what they're looking for from now till the end of February, for publication in April/May.

  • Twist in the tale - 1400-1600 words, especially light-hearted themes or very moving
  • Coffee break - 700 words, again either light-hearted or very moving
  • Romance - 1200 words, especially light-hearted

Looks like we'd better stop writing all those heavy angsty stories and try something more light and fluffy! Remember, only one sub per writer a month, indicate clearly on your submission its length and which category it fits, and if you've previously sold a story to My Weekly, mark your submission for the attention of Liz Smith.

Send submissions as a MS Word attachment to

Good luck all!


Amanda said...

Thanks Womag :-)

Patsy said...

Thanks. I had an acceptance this week and 'lighthearted' was one of the words she used to explain why she liked the story.

Makes sense, there seems to be enough gloom around for people to want their fiction to cheer them up a bit.

Debs said...

Many thanks for the guidelines.

Old Kitty said...


Thanks so much for this info. Now all I have to do is pretend it's not raining, cold and miserable!


Good luck to everyone submitting stories.

And great news to Patsy for having hers accepted.

Take care

LilyS said...

Thanks Womag. I sent a 1200 odd word Romance story there in Nov so I'm trying to be optimistic. Still its the first and only one subbed so far so I won't be too disheartened if it doesn't get accepted (much).

penandpaints said...

Thank you

Maisie said...

Thanks for the guidelines, Womag. So, does this mean that My Weekly have now started accepting subs from writers not previously published by the magazine?


Colette McCormick said...

Thanks for passing these on womag. They have a couple of my stories at the moment but one passes the 6 month deadline on 27th so I've just about given up on that one.


womagwriter said...

Maisie - I don't know, I'm afraid. I would suggest if you have a story you think is right for My Weekly and it fits one of the current categories, then send it in. Good luck!

Old Kitty said...


Please forgive this really stupid question but does the word limit include the title?



womagwriter said...

Hi Old Kitty - no it doesn't. Often the mags change titles anyway. And the word limit is approximate - you can go about 50 words over or under and that's usually ok.

Kath said...

Sorry to disappoint anyone but I emailled My Weekly to ask for a full set of guidelines and have received the same reply as someone did before Christmas - they're not accepting any unsolicited stories from authors who have not have a previous acceptance by My Weekly "for the foreseeable future". But at least it's better to know now than to be trying to target them, especially as their wordcounts don't really fit in that well with other magazines'.

Old Kitty said...


Thanks womagwriter for clarifying that.

It's a shame though with Kath's info - but at least I got to write fluffy romance at 1203 words! A miracle in itself.


Take care

Kath said...

Mind you, Old Kitty, WW fiction specials and Fiction Feast aren't so fussy about word count so perhaps you could try it with one of them.

Lydia said...

Thanks Womag for keeping us posted. If it weren't for you how would we know? Keep up the good work: we all appreciate it!!

Old Kitty said...

Hi Kath

thanks for the info! Have you seen the newest post "Litmag listings - UK & Ireland"? A great list of more chances to find homes for our short stories.

Take care

Tickle said...

Hi I had a story (not light-hearted!) accepted last week by My Weekly and I can tell everyone they are very tight on word count due to magazien apge space.
I was also told they will not accept from authors who haven't sold already to My Weekly.

cadno said...

Many thanks everyone for confirming the fact that My Weekly definitely won't consider new writers. I was just about to lick the envelope ...
Thanks also to Womagwriter for visiting my blog, which has now officially got more input on it from other people, than from me, as I can't work out how to add to it...
Fortunately, this proper blog of Womagwriters and others is brilliant! Thanks again

Kath said...

What are shame they still aren't accepting submissions from new writers. I'd written something that fits in with their description of what they're looking for. I don't think it's suitable for anywhere else except TaB and I've already sent them one this month!

womagwriter said...

Hi Kath
there's no limit on sending TAB more than one a month. It's only MW who've imposed that restriction.

Kath said...

Ah, I think I'd been reading so many different guidelines over and over I'd got confused. Thanks, Womag, you've made my morning, I'll be off to get an envelope!

jillb said...

Great to get guidelines without emailing the editor each time, so thanks. Is the 6-month cut-off point fact or fiction? My first (and only!) story was accepted after 7 months. I've one there now just on six. Please tell me it's not true.

Jennifer Jensen said...

Don't know where to leave this comment, but this seems as good a thread as any.

I'm from the States, and the general rule there is only one sub at a time - don't send another until you hear back from the first.

You said "only one sub a month." From that and elsewhere (I love this blog!), I gather that I can submit stories to the same magazine quite often. Am I understanding correctly? How frequently is acceptable? (Not My Weekly, but WW and TAB for example.)

Thanks much, and keep up the good work!

womagwriter said...

Hi Jennifer

Spooky, you have the same surname as my brother-in-law's current girlfriend and the same first name as his last girlfriend, so for a moment there your name had me all confused!

You can definitely have more than one story 'out there' at a time with any of the UK mags. If you waited to hear back before sending another you'd only do about 2 subs a year as they can be pretty slow to respond. MW have the rule of one sub a month, but by all means send them one a month even if you haven't heard back about the last one. And TAB, WW, PF etc don't have any limitations - send as many as you like.

However, always put send just one at a time - ie only one in a envelope or attached to an email. And I would leave a few days before sending the next, just so your stories are spread throughout their intray, rather than all clumped together.

Jennifer J said...

Thanks so much, name confusion and all. I'll be getting my British stamps for SASEs on Thursday - had a friend bring them over. So hopefully I'll have the first one out by the end of this week, probably to TAB. I really can't see myself sending them out more than every couple of weeks, but that seems like such freedom to me!

One last questions - I"d submit to TAB and TAB's Fiction Feast all to the same editor, wouldn't I?

womagwriter said...

Hi again, yes Norah McGrath is the fiction editor for all the Take A Break mags. When she buys a story she'll tell you which one it's destined for. Payment varies depending on the mag but TAB are good payers.

Sef said...

Thanks for this thread, have been trying to work out if it's Ok to send another story to WW, having already sent one.

Reading all posts wth interest, am new to this and determined to submit stuff and be a 'proepr' writer!