Thursday, 21 January 2010

Woman's Weekly latest requirements

With thanks to Sally for passing these details on - Woman's Weekly are currently looking for stories of all lengths, but especially 1000-worders and the longer, 3-6000 worders, now they have 10 fiction specials a year to fill.

They would also like more serial writers. Serials should be in 3 parts, each 3,800 words. Email with your idea in the first instance, in case they've recently bought something similar.

Submission format requirements:
  • include name, contact details, title and word count on the first page of your submission
  • ensure pages are numbered
  • use double quotes for speech and single for thoughts
  • check your work for consistency especially tenses and characters' names

Now then, I know where I've been going wrong with Woman's Weekly. I tend to use single quote marks for speech, and none at all for thoughts. Will put that right in my next submission!

(It is always worth checking house style, and amending as necessary before sending your work off. Another tip is that if you, unlike me, always use double quotes for speech when typing, it is much easier to do a change all from double to single quotes before subbing to a mag which prefers singles, Take A Break, for example. Changing all singles to doubles is terrible, isn"t it? Haven"t we all been there, done that? Note to self, take own advice on this.)


Kath said...

Thanks very much, Womag. Am going to target WW this year and this is really useful.

Lydia said...

Hi Womag!Thanks for this. Just a tekkie question: how do you "change all"? I've never found this feature - durr! And yes, changing each one makes you lose the will to live!x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks so much for all the invaluable information.

Old Kitty said...


Thanks for this!

I've clicked on the link to Sally site but I'm unable to find the details about Women's Weekly?

So I googled and found this too:

I've booked her calendar though so thank you womagwritier and Sally!

Time to get scribbling again.

Take care


womagwriter said...

Hi Old Kitty - Sally passed the details to me privately, they are not on her website.

womagwriter said...

Lydia, if you use Word, try clicking Edit, Replace, then Replace All.

Quillers said...

Yes, I leave the womag stuff to womag, whilst I concentrate on the competitions. That way we're not repeating each other's information. And of course, it means you have to visit us both to get the full benefit ;-)

Quillers said...

I meant to add that I always use double quote marks for speech, no matter where I'm sending work. As far as I know, I've never had work turned down because of it.

Old Kitty said...

Hi womagwriter and Sally

Ah, it's all clear now. Thanks so much for that.

Take care


Anonymous said...

I always use double speech marks for my submissions and I've sold quite a bit to Take A Break. Oops! Must admit I didn't realise they liked single speech marks.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Ditto. And ditto.

womagwriter said...

That's interesting - I really must get into the habit of using doubles when I first type the story.

Clare said...

Oh, oh I know a way round this -- from working in a magazine, as it happens, where the writers NEVER remembered (or cared) if we used single or doubles.

If you are using Word, the way to change single quotes to double is to do edit > replace.

Put space' in the find box -- that is search for { '} (but without the curly brackets) and put { "} (again without the curly brackets) in the replace box.

Then click replace all.

Then do another find for {' } and replace it with {" }

Finally scan by eye to make sure you haven't picked up any (eg) Jones" (or you could do a search for s" and pick them off one by one).

womagwriter said...

That's brilliant, Clare! Thank you, that will save me loads of time, and why didn't I think of that myself?

Nishant said...

Thanks so much for all the invaluable information.

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Charlie's Pigeon said...

Thanks for all the invalubale info on here :) I've just had my story idea accepted by WW but I was just wondering whether I'll get a complimentary copy of the magazine the story appears in? This is the first story I've ever had accepted so it's all a bit new to me!

womagwriter said...

Well done on the acceptance, CP!

I think WW send contributor's copies (not sure - they never buy anything from me, sob sob). Not all magazines do. You could always email Claire or Gaynor to ask.