Sunday, 3 January 2010

Writing a My Weekly Pocket Novel

If you're at all interested in writing a pocket novel for My Weekly, then this post by Sally Q is a must-read. She's written a couple, and has shared her experiences and knowledge for anyone else writing for this market. Thanks, Sally!

Official guidelines for pocket novels are on this blog, here.


Quillers said...

Thanks for the plug, my wonderful friend!

penandpaints said...

Thank you for that, Womag
I've just read Sally's post, it was really helpful. Another resolution for me, to try and complete the pocket novel!

Quillers said...

Good luck, penandpaints!

Lydia said...

Hi! Happy New Year to everyone! Congrats on the pocket publication, Quillers. I was asked to send a full, which they kept for 10 months before rejecting it - ouch! However, that coincided with all the changes at MW and Maggie taking over, so I'm sure things work out more quickly now.
Just thought I'd say: in case anyone is interested - (deep breath) - I'm now blogging here:
Would be nice to see any of you if you've nothing better to do than listen to my rambles!