Sunday, 14 February 2010

Books by Buddies

My To Be Read pile is growing ever higher again, largely because I'm surrounded by such productive writing buddies. I love reading books by people I know, and they all seem to have published something recently. Here's the next 3 books I'll be reading:

I'm a big fan of Kate Long's books. She's brilliant at characterisation, and at portraying the complex and subtle emotions of family life. I'm half way through this one now, and I'd say it's her best one yet. Study her style - you could learn a lot. Kate will be providing a guest post for this blog in a couple of week's time, as part of her blog tour, which starts tomorrow at Sally's blog. Click here to buy the book.

Next up will be David Hough's latest:

David's a member of my weekly writing class. I've read several of his now, and he most certainly knows how to tell a good story. I'm looking forward to this one - I know once I pick it up I'll be unable to put it down again. Click here to buy it.

Last but not least, will be this one by blogging pal Tamsyn Murray:

Tam's a member of one of my online writing groups. She has a fantastic lively writing style, and as well as this teen fiction novel, she's about to publish a series for younger children, and has a picture book and second teen novel in the pipeline. Oh, and she also writes shorts for women's magazines. Oh, and she's gorgeous and can sing as well.

The woman has it all. Don't you just hate her? ;-) Click here to buy it.


Quillers said...

It makes you proud, doesn't it? I'm chuffed to say I know them all too. Well done to each and every one of them.

Quillers said...

Oops, meant to say that Kate's blog tour kicks off on my blog tour first thing tomorrow morning, and there's a chance for folks to win a signed copy of her new novel (I'm afraid you'll all have to work for it too!)

womagwriter said...

Thanks Sally - I'll amend the post to say Kate's blog tour kicks off tomorrow over at your place.

Quillers said...

Cheers! I'm going to be adding what other stops there are on the blog tour. We're just waiting for confirmation on one.

Quillers said...

Just calling in to say that Kate's blog tour has kicked off, and you all have the chance to win a signed copy of her new novel.

Tam said...

Can't believe I didn't see this - thanks for the lovely things you say!

Have enjoyed the legs of Kate's Blog tour so far and yours looks like another cracker :)