Thursday, 18 February 2010

Calling Brenda Carter!

BigFatLion just passed on a message from Liz Smith at My Weekly:

I wonder if you could do me a big favour. I believe you are a blogging fan.

In your next blog could you please post a message from me to anyone who might know Brenda Carter, author of short story Past, Present and Future.

Her contact details are not with the story and I would like to buy it. The writing world is a small one I know but this is still a long shot.

I’ve tried every other means at my disposal.

Can you help at all?



So Brenda, if you are reading this, or if someone who knows you is reading this, please email Liz Smith with your contact details. You've sold a story, well done!

Edited at 9.20pm to say that Brenda was found within a few hours of my posting this - here's Julie P with the full story.


Quillers said...

I've put a link to this on Facebook, Womag, so hopefully someone will find Brenda and tell her the good news!

Geraldine Ryan said...

Oh how lovely!!! I hope you get this message Brenda!

Old Kitty said...

Oh I hope Brenda reads this!

Yay, good for her!

Come on Brenda - well done you!!!


womagwriter said...

Cheers all - can you Twitter it too? I'm not a twit, as it were...

Let's launch a Find Brenda campaign. It's a bit like the Tell Sid advertisting campaign, when shares in British Gas were floated...

Quillers said...

Will do, Womag!

Quillers said...

Consider it Twittered and posted on my blog :-)

Old Kitty said...

I am creating a big banner as I type for my blog!!!

"Find Brenda Carter"!



Julie P said...

I've tried to ring her but no joy so I will email her! Oh how exciting she will be thrilled!!!

Quillers said...

Oh, you know her Julie. That's fab!

Old Kitty said...


She's found!!!!

Good stuff.

Take care


penandpaints said...

Just reading all the comments and see she has been found!
Yeah, that will be some great news for her! Well done Brenda!
Also, how nice that Liz went to the trouble. It must be a great story!

womagwriter said...


Thanks Julie! The power of blogging, eh? I'm impressed Liz went to the trouble of tracking down the author - not all editors would have bothered.

Jane Smith said...

I blogged and tweeted about Brenda, too: I'm so glad that we appear to have found her.

I just hope we've found the RIGHT Brenda Carter, otherwise Julie P's friend is going to be very disappointed!

Helen Yendall said...

Hurrah! I'm glad Brenda has been found! I almost feel as chuffed for her as if I'd sold a story myself! But it just goes to show the importance of making sure your correct contact details (email, phone, address) are on your stories (on every page, as a header - or is that a bit OTT?). I speak from experience! Last year WWFS finally, after years of trying bought a story from me but they had real difficulty in contacting me, as both the phone number and my email address were wrong! Eventually Clare Cooper resorted to 'snail mail' to get hold of me (I was mortified at how unprofessional I must have seemed!). But as someone on here as already said, not all editors would go to the trouble!

womagwriter said...

Oh God, Jane, I hope its the right Brenda too! Well we can just leave it up to Julie now.

Helen - that happened to me too. I had all contact details on a cover sheet, which became detached. My covering letter only had my snail mail address, and Norah McGrath at TAB had to resort to that when contacting me for my first sale there.

Since then I have put some form of contact (usually email address) on every page of every submission. No I don't think this is over the top! Actually Norah suggested it when I phoned her following that acceptance.

Time for a reminder post about including contact details I think. Will do one this evening.

Julie P said...

Great news. I have contacted Brenda and she is thrilled! But her internet is down as she's changing providers so I have passed on her contact details to Liz Smith for her!

It's the first story she's had published so you can imagine how pleased she is!! I will be seeing her at our writing group meeting on Saturday so will pass on your congrats to her!

Wooh Hoooh! I'm on cloud nine for her I really am!

Julie xx

Quillers said...

It did occur to me that Liz Smith might end up with fifty emails from folks claiming to be Brenda Carter.

"I'm Brenda Carter, and so is my wife." :-)

Quillers said...

Simulpost, Julie. That's fabulous news! Well done, Brenda!

Do we know her under another name, by the way?

BigFatLion said...

This just in from Liz,

Thanks so much. It will be a real credit to you and your blogging pals if this comes off.
I'll keep my fingers crossed but meantime please pass on my thanks to all concerned.

Jenzarina said...

What a happy ending!

BigFatLion said...

Liz has just confirmed that she now has all Brenda's contact details.

womagwriter said...

Excellent, thanks Lion! Glad to have been of service.

LOL Sally - that occurred to me too!

Julie, thanks for your help. I'm really pleased for Brenda.

Rena George said...

Wow! How exciting was that? Well done everybody who took part in the search for Brenda. Can’t wait to read her story now.

Anonymous said...

Well, heckfire! I didn't even know there was a missing person's bulletin out and now I've missed the whole thing. Not that I know Brenda.

But, that said, offering up my congratulations to her along with everyone else's. A first sale, how exciting!


Kath said...

This is like a fairy tale. Congratulations to Brenda.

Geraldine Ryan said...

I am Spartacus!

Viv said...

What a fantastic story - and look how quickly someone who seems lost can be found. Now, someone should write up this great true-life story and sell it to the national press. Maybe Brenda should do it - or Julie? Strike while the iron is hot.