Friday, 19 February 2010


Just copying a message left under the last post by BigFatLion, to make sure everyone sees it:

I told the lovely Liz how impressed we all were by her efforts to find Brenda, this was her reply:

Thank you for those words, they mean a lot.

And let me tell you how impressed I am by your “grapevine”. I realise all you My Weekly writers out there have had to make huge changes to the way you work, and have had to be extra patient with me as I know you wait even longer for my decisions. The changes have hit everyone hard, myself included, so it’s lovely to be all working together to the one end and for such a positive reason.

Big thank you to everyone.




Debs said...

That was a lovely message from her.

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm so pleased Brenda was found.

Old Kitty said...


Suddenly I'm in love with My Weekly again!


Can't wait to read Brenda's story. This was such a fab thing to have happened!

Take care

Quillers said...

How wonderful! It's lovely to think we brought some sunshine into someone's life too.

Anonymous said...

I love a happy ending. I'm glad Brenda has been found and can now celebrate.


Julie P said...

I just wish My Weekly would open their doors to those new writers who haven't yet been published by them - I'm impressed by Liz Smith's determination to find Brenda as it shows she's an editor who cares about her writers. She could have easily just tossed Brenda's story aside but she didn't - cracking!

I haven't bought My Weekly since they decided only writers who had been published in their mags before could submit to them so I buy the other mags that do take subs from new writers!

I did get a nice message too from Liz,though, for contacting her on Brenda's behalf and she wished me luck with my writing which was lovely. But for the forseeable future, writing for My Weekly for me and a lot of other keen writers is out of bounds - makes me a little sad sometimes! And I wonder if me and others like me will ever get the chance to write for them - not that my stories are anywhere near the standard needed for My Weekly but, hey ho - will just have to concentrate on other markets unless they too decide to follow My Weekly's lead (gulp!)

Quillers said...

But as I said to Simon in the previous post, Julie, if this is Brenda's first hit with MW, it shows that Liz IS looking at work from new writers.

Plus, as someone said to me the other week, not everyone can be considered to have read Womag's blog, or similarly helpful market lists, so there must be loads still subbing oblivious to the new rules. So keep at it!

Quillers said...

Just seen your other post, Julie, about Brenda having sent the story in before the new rules.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely story and a happy ending. It just shows how close knit the writing fraternity is.
I like My Weekly and have found that all the staff are so pleasant to work with. Yes the problems with the fiction section have been confusing but I'm sure if we all battle on it will become easier. I just wish there was a better way of rejecting rather than wait six months.
I've just been commissioned to write an article, I have written a few in the past for them. I had pitched a travel idea which was considered and then rejected but the editor came back with another suggestion after checking my specialism which was so lovely of her.

Elaine Everest
(who still cannot sign on under her old name)

Geraldine Ryan said...

I too think it's sad that My Weekly don't take stories from new writers. There's such a lot of talent out there. I noticed in the latest copies of Woman's Weekly FS and FF how many new names there are and this is in every issue too.

My Weekly published my very first story years ago and were very encouraging - I doubt I'd have gone on to write more had they not taken time to comment on near-misses. It's much harder to get started these days if you are a new writer, and the pay is significantly worse for newbies too!

Karen said...

What a lovely happy ending :o)

LilyS said...

What a great story!

Tickle said...

Hi I have always found Liz to be a great editor. I think that the 'rules' on new writers, rejections etc are just a sign of how incredibly busy she is. It's like all things in writing, you just have to abide by their rules until they change, which they invariably do. There are plenty of markets out there still accepting 'newbies' and one rule never changes - the work has to be the very best you can make it. Competitions are still a great 'market.'

lifeinapinkfibro said...

I love this story - gives me hope - and I love how helpful writers are as a community. I've been lurking around reading this blog for ages, but this one made me ready to delurk (unlurk??). Also happy to see My Weekly taking stories from new writers. More hope. A beautiful thing.

Lydia said...

Just picked up on this story having been away - what a lovely happy ending and I would echo everything everyone has said here and on other blogs about MW being lovely people to work with.Unfortunately they have suffered massive cut backs in staff - hence Liz is more or less alone and has no time to have anything other than functional contact with writers now, but good on her for trying to track Brenda down and not just tossing her work aside because of lack of contact details. Congratulations Brenda!