Sunday, 28 February 2010

How to publish a book in a week

Take a look at this, the fascinating story from the publisher's perspective, of how 100 Stories for Haiti went from script to printer-ready within a week. Well done, Bridge House Publishing!

The book's official release date is 4th March but it can be preordered now from the publisher. Doesn't it look good?


Bernadette said...

It certainly does look good. Looking forward to Thursday!

Joanne Fox said...

Thanks for the link - an interesting post there. And isn't it exciting to see the photograph!

Old Kitty said...


Thank you so much for the link to Gill James blog.

Incredible. Really. I never really think about the mechanisms of actually getting a book published! I always naively think - it magically appears just like that. I forget the hard work put into producing one book and this is more amazing given the history and the ethos behind this particular title/project.

I know I keep saying this but, BL**DY WELL DONE Greg and his team and Gill and her team! And the writers and readers and buyers and volunteers...

Really and truly.

Take care