Thursday, 25 March 2010

Catherine Howard competition

I heard about this competition today (scroll half way down the page) which is organised and judged by prolific women's magazine writer Linda Lewis aka Catherine Howard.

Closing date 31st July
Word count - almost anything, 500-5000 words
No set theme
£5 to enter

Top prize starts at £100, will be more depending on how many entries received. All entrants are also entered into a raffle, which is a nice idea!

For full details follow the link.

It's so wide open in terms of theme and word count, you must all have something worth sending in. Given the judge is a women's magazine writer, hopefully that'll mean stories by womag writers will appeal to her!

Good luck to all who enter.


Joanne Fox said...

Great competition there, and what a good idea to add in a raffle prize as a bit of extra incentive to enter. Thanks for the info.

Old Kitty said...


Thanks for the info! I do like the word count - that really is a broad word count and on any theme too - very rare in competitions! I like how the prize money goes up the more people enter too!

Take care

Kath said...

Thanks, Womag, that sounds like one really worth having a go at.