Saturday, 27 March 2010

Della Galton - new website, courses and a competition

Check out Della Galton's terrific new look website!

She has several Saturday courses coming up, including one on Characterisation and Settings on 17th April which sounds like a particularly good one.

Also, she's running a writing competition with Vanda Inman from Write Space. Another one worth entering!

Entry fee £5
Closing date 30th June
First prize £150
Word count - up to 1500
Theme - "The Lie"

Full details here.


Kath said...

There's an absolutely beautiful story by Della in this week's Woman's Weekly.

Kath said...

Have just seen the website - Bournemouth's too far away for me at the moment but that Speak and Critique service sounds good, although I think I'd be a bit nervous at the thought of the phone call!

womagwriter said...

Don't be nervous, Kath - Della's human and very friendly! She'll feel like an old friend within minutes.

Old Kitty said...


I got the 30th March edition of Women's Weekly (the lovely Carol Vordeman on the front cover). So I'm presuming Della Galton's story will be in the next issue? I look forward to reading her story.

Anyway - I've bookmarked her site - I'm finding I prefer the shorter end of short story writing so this comp sounds like my kind of thing.

I was most intriqued by the Sexy Shorts anthologies on Della Galton's site!

Take care

Suzanne Jones said...

Thanks for the links. Della's site looks fantastic.


Kath said...

Yes, Old Kitty - I have a subscription so I'm always running a week early. Thanks for the reassurance, Womag. I'm sure she's extremely nice but I might still be a bit overawed!

Queenie said...

I, too, am far away from Bournemouth *sob* but I'm also thinking about the Critique and Speak option. Although I would love to go on one of her courses... maybe one day.

Joanna said...

Thank you for this and I'll definitely have a go at the competition

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I took advantage of Della's extremely helpful 'critque and speak' service and she agreed to do the 'speaking' part over email (as I don't have a landline). So if you feel too nervous to have an actual phone call about it, she is happy to do it this way. As we all know, Della is one of the greats, so a critique from her is invaluable. She really knows her stuff about how to target different markets so I would highly recommend trying out her service.
Helen x