Tuesday, 16 March 2010

International magazine swap #2

It's six weeks since I suggested we try holding an international magazine swap. I heard from a couple of people that it worked well, and they'd successfully swapped magazines for research.

Thought I'd bring this idea to the foreground again now, as it was mentioned in the latest edition of E-zee writer from Writers' Bureau, so there could be some new visitors here interested in swapping.

So, same rules as before:
If you have back copies of magazines you don't want, and are prepared to post them abroad in return for back copies of other magazines, leave a comment after this post, saying what you can offer and what you would like in return. You need to include some method by which people can contact you - if leaving an email address I would advise disguising it a little to avoid getting automatic spam, eg write '(at)' rather than the @ sign.

Then anyone interested in what you are offering who can provide what you are looking for, can contact you directly.

Happy swapping!


Kath said...

I still have loads of Woman's Weeklies and would be interested in any of the Australian magazines that accept fiction. My email is kathjohn32atyahoo.co.uk.

Queenie said...

I can offer the following:

1. Two recent copies of The Weekly News
2. Two copies of My Weekly from last summer
3. Take a Break Fiction Feast from December
4. One copy of Yours from last Aug/Sept
5. Two People's Friends from last summer, and the latest Autumn and Winter special issues
6. A Woman's Weekly from last Sept, and two WW Fiction Specials from last Oct and Nov

I'd be interested in That's Life Fast Fiction (I have issue 1 from summer 2010), Woman's Day, and any other non-UK mags that take fiction.

Email address on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I would still like a copy or two of MW Pocket novels. I can swap Woman's World and New Love Stories from the US.

My email is FlaGerrie (at) aol (dot) com



Julie P said...

I have loads of back copies of My Weekly, Woman's Weekly, People's Friend, Take A Break and Fiction Feast - plus the fiction specials and I'd love to swap with women's fiction mags from Australia (particularly Woman's Day and Fast fiction) or America.

my email address is julie210phillipsatbtinternet.com

LilyS said...

I have back copies of TABFF, My Weekly, Womans weekly, Peoples Friend and Yours and any more recent ones on request from the UK.

I would love to receive The Weekly News and any from America and other non-UK mags.

BTW this worked really well for me last time so thanks for hosting again!

LilyS said...

Sorry forgot - email is chez123atmsn.com