Friday, 19 March 2010

Poll - how did you get started?

Did you start with short stories and progress to novels, or the other way round?

Help out Olivia Ryan aka Sheila Norton with a poll she wants to use for a feature in Writers' Forum. Here's her post with details on how to respond. Hope you can all help her out!


Olivia Ryan said...

And thanks again, Womag, for your help! x

Old Kitty said...


I left my tiny contribution on her blog, thanks for advertising this opportunity!

Take care

Julie P said...

Thanks Womag!

I have e-mailed Brenda and asked her to contact you direct re your article! I have a photo of Brenda and me too should you need it.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Hi, Womag! Brenda says yes!!! She is having terrible trouble with her Internet and google (again) so when she tried to get on to blogger and your blog she was unable to! But she would like me to pass on her e-mail address to me so you can converse! (Anyone would think that Brenda doesn't actually exist! She's my imaginary friend! But I can assure you she is real! Can you let me know your e-mail address - I'm sure I had it at some point - but it's gone!

Anyway my e-mail is julie210phillips(at)

Ta muchly

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Flippin' eck! I will get my comments right in a minute! I meant Brenda has agreed for me to pass on her e-mail address to you, not to me!! I already have it! Har har LOL! It's the Spring madness - it's started already!

Julie xx

womagwriter said...

Thanks Julie. Wish Spring would start properly, not just the Spring madness!