Sunday, 14 March 2010

Probably the most sensible post ever ...

... on the use of adverbs. Here, on Sally Zigmond's blog.

And a good one here from Nicola Morgan on punctuation.

I recommend you read both!


Anonymous said...

Just FYI - Both of these publishing houses e-publish Pocket Novel lengths. I realize its not magazines, but if you want to branch out, its a good place to start:

They don't pay advances but they pay royalties every quarter after publication (so published in Oct/Nov/Dec, you'd be paid at the end of March). The nice thing is, the pocket books stay on the website garnering sales throughout the year.

Check it out.

Old Kitty said...


Oh wonderful posts, both of them! I'm still smiling with Nicola's "don't overuse exclamation marks"!!!!!


Oh see, there I go again!


Take care

Sally Zigmond said...

Gosh, Womag. Thanks.

(The cheque is in the post.)

womagwriter said...

Sally, I've seen so much complete rubbish spouted about adverbs, yours made a refreshing change. Thanks again for it.

Keith Havers said...

Just read both posts. Handy articles to keep refering back to when not sure of the correct convention.