Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tell Prima what you love

Latest call for Prima fillers:

We want to hear your recommendations!
Is there a book you love or a restaurant where you can't get enough of their food.
If you love it, we want to hear about it.
It can be anything from the following list;

a book
holiday destination
item of clothing

Email us telling us what you love and why, and if we feature it in the magazine we'll send you £25! Please don't forget to send us your address with your entry.

Email wisewords@natmags.co.uk

Now then, where shall I start?!


Old Kitty said...

Ooh, I can do this!!!

I must get Prima to have a look. Is there a word limit?

Awww thanks for the info womagwriter!

Take care

Milton said...

Yes, thanks a mill :). Muttie is just getting back into freelancing again after 7 years in PR and is trying to build up contacts again. So this is much appreciated. Hopefully it'll lead to more kittie treats for me...

Milton x

Queenie said...

Thanks for this, it's really useful. I too was wondering about word limits. Do they give any clues?

Tom said...

Thanks Womagwriter - what fun!

womagwriter said...

It doesn't state a word limit on the email but I imagine it's the usual 'around 30 words'. They edit them down sometimes.

Claire said...

Thanks for this. My recommendation is winging it's way as we speak...