Friday, 23 April 2010

Young Fiction Writer of the Year 2010

Take A Break's Fiction Feast is hosting the second Young Fiction Writer of the Year award this year. Last year it was a huge success with over 2000 entries received. Judged by Anthony Horowitz, whose books my 12-year old has recently got into. (He currently spends half his life in the library tracking down each novel, and the other half reading them.)

Stories 500-1000 words. Open to ages 8-18. Closing date 23rd July. There are prizes for individuals and for their schools, so it's a great opportunity.

Either buy the latest (June) copy of Fiction Feast for an entry form, or go here. So if you have youngsters or know any, lend them your laptop and get them writing!


Old Kitty said...


My nephews (aged 12-24) may be interested but they're in Australia!

Would they be able to enter? I tried the link to Take a Break but there doesn't seem to be any terms and conditions included?

Thanks anyway for this great info!

Take care

Julie P said...

The stories were so great in there that the young 'uns had written, I was very jealous and very scared!! It's a great comp.

Julie xx

Aoife.Troxel said...

It's only open to residents of the UK (including the Channel Islands), Eire or BFPOs, but here's the website