Friday, 4 June 2010

Calling Beautiful Writers

Prima are after anti-aging tips, and favourite beauty products or treatments (name of product, why you like it and how long you've been using it), for forthcoming issues. Email . Keep your entry to around 30 words, and remember to include your name and address as they pay £25 for each one they use.

(Anti-aging tip - follow your sons on bikes up and down Dorset hills. Best beauty product - the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. We had a great holiday!)


Suzanne Jones said...

I'm definitely going to get that anti-aging issue - need all the help I can get.

Glad you had a great holiday.


Old Kitty said...

Darn!! Why can't they ask about stuff that I know about?!?! LOL!!

Kidding aside, glad you had a fab holiday!!

My anti-aging tip? Dye grey hair! :-)

Take care

Kat said...

I've already sent them my tip!


SpiralSkies said...

Aw, how lovely... they can't bottle that with even the biggest price tag. Glad you had a brill time.

SpiralSkies said...

Oh, and my tip is to stand next to someone much, much older than yourself ;0)

Kat said...

Ha ha @ SpiralSkies :)

LilyS said...

I must have a go at this, although I don't really know myself.

Glad you enjoyed the holiday