Saturday, 10 July 2010

Positive Words

From Sandra James, news of a non-paying Australian market which may be of interest to some of you. Here's her email to me:

Like you, I have been writing stories for women’s magazines for a few years although not as prolifically. I’ve had stories in My Weekly, Woman’s Day (Aus), That’s Life, online and in literary journals and until a year ago, when I moved house, was teaching several writing groups at community centres here in Australia. In 2002, I realised many of my students and fellow writers were becoming discouraged at the limited publication opportunities and decided to start my own magazine for writers. I was a single parent with limited funds, so raised the initial cash selling crafts, plants etc at local markets. The result – Positive Words magazine – has been published every month since November 2002 featuring stories, poems and articles from writers all over Australia as well as the UK, Spain, Luxembourg, USA, New Zealand and Africa. It is sold by subscription and only just manages to cover printing and postage costs (I don’t draw any wage etc), but is hanging in there and providing a great publication opportunity for writers. I have seen some great results, especially when new writers are first published and, of course, from my own experience it all adds up and helps to build confidence. (Hence the Positive - it's all about doing something positive instead of leaving work on a drawer or on the computer.)

I thought some of your followers might be interested. Unfortunately, there is no money for payment but published contributors receive a complimentary copy of magazine. Of course, subscriptions are very, very welcome but contributors do not have to be subscribers although subscriptions help to keep it going, which hasn’t been easy.

Sandra James
Editor: Positive Words magazine
PO Box 798
Heathcote 3523
Victoria Australia

Email enquiries are always welcome at but stories must be sent by post.

International subscription rates for POSITIVE WORDS
Single issue……………$8.00 (Australian) includes postage
Six month subscription………$45.00 (Australian) includes postage
Twelve month subscription……….$88.00 (Australian) includes postage
Sample copy........3 x International Reply Coupons(available from Post Offices)
# For gift subscriptions please send the relevant amount together with address and details of the occasion (birthday, Christmas etc) and the relevant issues with a suitable card will be forwarded to the recipient.
# Payment should be via bank draft drawn on an Australian bank and made out to Sandra James or Rainbow Press (not POSITIVE WORDS). Some people choose to send cash and lthough I have not had any problems over the past eight years, it is at your own risk.
## Alternatively, subscriptions etc can be organised by direct deposit. Please contact me at the address below if you would like to use this option.

Selection Criteria
Positive Words publishes poetry, short stories and articles. Preference is given to poems up to one page and stories and articles up to 1000 words. Please remember that Positive Words is a family magazine and submissions should reflect this (i.e. no bad language or explicit sex scenes). Submissions should be in hard copy first although an email copy will be requested, once accepted, where possible. Please include an addressed envelope and IRC for return and notification. (or an email address)
Positive Words magazine – Sandra James (Editor), PO Box 798, Heathcote 3523, Victoria, Australia.

I like the idea of providing a publishing opportunity for new writers - we all need to start somewhere. Thanks for this, Sandra, and best of luck with the magazine. You've done well to keep it going since 2002 - long may it continue!


Patsy said...

Keeping that magazine going for 8 years is indeed an achievement.

Dolores Doolittle said...

Well done, Sandra - very encouraging.

And thank you, Womagwriter, for continuing to post useful and interesting things, in spite of the demanding Other Project you mentioned recently.

Hope that's going exceedingly well!