Monday, 5 July 2010

Womag gossip

1. With thanks to Norman for this - it seems Liz Smith at My Weekly might be finally getting on top of submissions, after what's been a tough year for her, being left as the only fiction editor there. She accepted one of his stories only three days after he subbed it, which has to be some kind of record! She is still considering stories sent months ago as well, so don't worry if you haven't heard. Just be patient (which I suspect may be the most important trait for any womag writer).

2. While on the subject of My Weekly, I note I failed to pass on the last set of guidelines. I believe they are only valid till next week anyway, so there's not much point posting them here now. Please, if you receive the next set soon, send me a copy for the blog! I'm not actively chasing guideline updates myself any more. (I don't mind getting hundreds of emails forwarding the guidelines - it'll make me feel loved if nothing else.) Note My Weekly are sadly still not able to accept submisions from writers they have not previously bought from.

3. With thanks to Patsy - it seems Ireland's Own is a bit swamped with material at the moment, so only the most outstanding stories will stand a chance of being accepted, and even then it'll be a long wait to publication. Probably best giving that market a miss for a while.

4. Finally, do go look at Patsy's blog, where she often posts details of competitions of interest to romance or womag writers. She's also a brilliant photographer, and you might find story inspiration in the photos on her blog.


Patsy said...

'Brilliant' is rather overstating the case, but thanks anyway! I do like the idea of pictures to inspire stories, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Old Kitty said...

Thanks again womagwriter -you're great at keeping us all on our toes! :-)
Well done Norman!!!!

And I agree about Patsy's photography! That ladybird pic was amazing!!! Oh and where does she find all these fab competitions?!?! :-) thank goodness!

Take care

Kat said...

Is it right that My Weekly are not accepting stories from writers who haven't been published in the mag before?

womagwriter said...

Hi Kat, yes I'm afraid that is still the case. I had hoped that once Liz got on top of submissions she might open it up again to new writers, but that has not happened yet.

Tickle said...

I love My Weekly! Liz accepted 5 of my stories on Thursday including my FIRST serial. Then on Friday I had another 2 stories accepted by You in South Africa. Even the rain can't bring me down at the moment!

Patsy said...

Wow Tickle - well done!

womagwriter said...

Well done Tickle, that's quite a score!

LondonLuce said...

Hello All,

Just a couple of questions. I have just recently started to submit stories to magazines and have had my first success with That’s Life (Aus). They sent an email saying that they would like to publish in the Spring edition of their fiction special and have asked me to send an invoice. I have asked a couple of questions regarding amount and the transfer form they have emailed through but haven’t heard anything for about a week, should I chase or just leave it until they respond?

My second question is that I generally send one story per publication. However, with Tickles comments, could I send more than one at a time?

Thanks for your help.

womagwriter said...

Hi Luce

Without a transfer form and an invoice from you, TL won't be able to pay you, so I would get this sorted out as soon as possible. Re payment rates, TL have standard rates depending on the number of pages your story will cover, and whether the story has ever been printed anywhere in the world before. Take a look at the guidelines on this blog for payment rates (in Aus $) and send an invoice accordingly.

You can certainly submit more than one story for consideration for each publication. It's doubly special to have two in the same issue!

(Well done on your sale, by the way.)

Tickle said...

Hi All I'd add to that LondonLuce is that My Weekly strictly want only ONE submission per month and I have kept to that rule. They accepted 5 of my stories, all on the same day, but these were stories I'd submitted over the last 6 months - one sent each month.
However for other publications you can submit as many as you like. I currently have nearly 60 different stories subbed to various mags around the world. The best thing about this is that it means you aren't waiting months to hear as something is usually accepted most weeks.
Quantity must still mean quality though.
Congrats on the sale to That's Life.