Saturday, 14 August 2010

Facebook experiment

Don't know what you all think of Facebook - I know many writers are on there. I have a Facebook page: I signed up a few years back when my brother-in-law posted photos of my new nephew online and I just HAD to see them... But I've never really got into it - blogging and the couple of online communities I belong to are enough for me. Or maybe I'm just a bit too old for it...

Anyway, author Nicola Morgan is running an experiment re social networking as a way of getting more people to know about her books. See her post here on the experiment, and if you're a FB fan, consider joining her page here.


Old Kitty said...

I'm so not an FB/Twitter fan but GOOD LUCK to Nicola and everyone else joining these social networking sites!!! Take care

Jane said...

I did a facebook experiment in June - facebook with my family blog, and LinkedIn with my professional blog - it was really fun and I got loads of comment about both blogs - but very few on the blogs themselves - why is that I wonder?