Tuesday, 14 September 2010

News latest

1. Remember the Mills & Boon/The Lady/National Trust competition I advertised here? Well, although all the links oddly disappeared from The Lady and NT websites, I understand that the winners are listed in the issue of The Lady out this week (dated 14th Sept). I haven't had a chance to go out and look at the magazine today. It's a shame they took down the webpages relating to the competition, and didn't post any updates. Several people contacted me asking if I knew what was going on. Anyway, if you haven't been notified of winning I think you can consider your story free to send elswhere now.

2. Here's one for all Bronte fans - the Bronte Museum in Haworth is running a literary competition. There are categories for short stories, poems and essays. £14 entrance fee, £500 top prize, closing date 31st January 2011. Here's the link, scroll down for the competition details. Thanks to Kath for passing this on.

3. And here's something for all those living in the Midlands - with thanks to Helen for news of the Warwick Words festival and the Birmingham Book festival:

For those of you living in and around the Midlands (and there are 5 million, according to Google!), don’t neglect your ‘local’ literary festivals, coming up in October! It’s inspiring to listen to your favourite authors (or even some ‘new’ ones) speak about their writing and how they got published and there are plenty of events to get involved with, from poetry slams to writing workshops, so why not get away from your desk for an afternoon and mix with the literati? (Don’t forget your notebook!)

Warwick Words (1st – 10th October). This is the ninth Warwick Words Festival and it’s bigger than ever, with lots of writing workshops and talks. There’s even a literary ‘speed read’ which is apparently ‘like speed dating but instead of making a love connection you get three minutes to promote your favourite book, poem, author or poet’. Sounds like a fun way to meet people, discuss books and who knows where it may lead! If not to a new soul mate, or the setting up of a readers’ group - then maybe an idea for a WOMAG short story?!

The Birmingham Book Festival (5th – 21st October) includes writing workshops on ‘Family Writing’, ‘Flash Noir Fiction’, ‘Short Stories’ and ‘Finding Your Blogging Voice’ (and more!) as well as some free events. It’s worth checking out the website:
http://www.birminghambookfestival.org/ There’s also the opportunity to ‘volunteer’ and possibly attend events for free. If you have some spare time, a passion for books and enjoy talking to people, you could be just what the Festival needs. If you would like to be involved please email joanne@birminghambookfestival.org

4. And for those of you in the south, news of new courses from Della Galton:

Introduction to Creative Writing – Saturday 25 September, 2010
This is a course designed to take the complete beginner through the basics of writing. We will look at short stories, features and poetry. Students will be given the chance to write and gain constructive feedback on their work. A relaxed, informal course designed to inspire confidence.

Kick Start your Creativity – Saturday 16 October 2010
Are you feeling jaded about your writing? Would you like to kick-start your creativity? Whether you want to restart an old writing project, or are simply looking for inspiration to begin something new, this course can help.
Through a series of workshops we will look at fresh ways to bring your words to life.
(Suitable for beginners and experienced writers)

Both courses held in Bournemouth. Email Della for more information or to book.


Clarissa Draper said...

Great links. Thanks.

HelenMHunt said...

I love the Brontes. Will have to check out the Haworth thing.

Patsy said...

Thanks for the info.

Old Kitty said...

I want to live in the Midlands now! :-)

Flash Noir Fiction - that just really speaks to me!:-)

Take care

Maria said...

Thanks for the information, good to hear what is happening around the country.

Kate Walker said...

Ah - you found it - the result of the M&B/The Lady contest that is. I was just about to email you to let you know that the results are in this week's edition of The Lady (I've actually seen it so it is there) but you got there before me.

So there is a winner, though for the life of me I can't recall her name - sorry


womagwriter said...

Hi Kate - someone emailed me via this blog with the news that it was due to be in this issue of the Lady. Thanks for coming her to let me know as well though!

blogaboutwriting said...

I too love the Brontes, so I checked out the competition on the website but it's £14 per entry! (and you don't even get a critique for that). Does anyone else think that's a bit steep? £5 is usually my max for a competition entry. I wonder if it will affect the number of entries they get?
Helen Yendall