Monday, 6 September 2010

News round-up

Several bits and pieces for you today - sorry to those who've sent me news snippets which I've been slow getting round to posting. I'm too immersed in the new writing project I'm afraid! Anyway, here's a round-up for you.

1. A while back I posted about a non-fiction competition run by HowTo. Well, the competition's been judged and the winning article can now be seen online here.

2. The Mills and Boon New Voices competition is now in full swing and the first entries to be submitted can be read online here and commented on. Entries must be uploaded by 22nd September so there is still plenty of time if you want to have a go. Good luck to all who've entered!

3. Thanks to Cathy Sibley for sending me a link to this site, which accepts travel guides and articles by freelance writers. Could be some interesting opportunities there for the non-fiction writers amongst you?

4. If you like writing short, really short fiction, take a look at this flash fiction competition, brought to my attention by Eddie Walsh. Max length 300 words, and you could win £60.

5. Or take a look at SlingInk, where a competition is running from now till December, judged by Nik Perring, whose book of flash fiction is current favourite loo book chez womagwriter. (That's a compliment, by the way!)

6. Finally, the Chiswick Book Festival is on from 17th-19th September, and boasts a line-up of speakers which reads like the who's who of the writing world. So if you're within reach of London, it could be worth a visit.

Thanks to all who have sent me these news pieces. I'm well aware none of them are directly related to writing fiction for women's magazines, which is traditionally the main focus of this blog. But there doesn't seem to be a great deal of news from the womag world lately. Also as the number of womag markets dwindles, I think many writers are branching out into longer fiction, non-fiction or competitions. So if you find posts like this useful, let me know. Or if you'd prefer me to stick to the world of womag, tell me!


Queenie said...

I've got Nik Perring's book in my loo! This kind of blog post seems very useful to me, thanks Womag.

penandpaints said...

Hi Womag
Very helpful post as always, thank you!
I love to hear of comps that are free to enter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Womag, I found this post helpful.

Old Kitty said...

All the info you give is fab!! I can never find enough comps (especially freebie ones!) and other info regarding the womag market so what you do is just great and then some! Thank you!

Take care

little lamb said...

Yes great Kath and thank you.

Dream it, then do it said...

I agree with all of the comments. All the info on this blog is really useful. I recommend it to all the other writers I know.
By the way. I've noticed that Take-a-Break have been including 2 stories each week for the last few issues. So that's a bit of good news.

Tickle said...

Thanks so much for all you post. It's always interesting whether the content is strictly womag or not. It's a great point of reference and contact.
I write full-time for the womags both here and abroad and I always check this site every day. Good on you!

Patsy said...

Thanks, Womag.

I'm always interested in competitions - and any other writing gossip really.