Friday, 15 October 2010

Can anyone help Merry?

An appeal for help from a blog reader:


I am wondering if you can help me.

I sold a story to That's Life! Magazine that appeared in Issue #19 (or so I was told). I was told I would receive a copy of the magazine, in addition to my check.

I received the check, but have never received the magazine.

I have contacted the editor twice and the magazine contact email twice - and no one responds.

Do you suppose any of your readers would have a copy of that issue so I can add it to my portfolio? I'd be happy to pay for it and the postage.

My story was called THREE WISHES and was supposed to be the middle 3 page spread.

Thank you!

Merry Stahel

I'd suggest contacting Merry via her blog, linked above, if you can help. There are some very cute cat pictures on her blog too...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can confirm the story is in issue 19 of That's Life Australia. They had a special fiction pull-out in that issue. The title of the story has been changed to "Three Kids Coming Up." I have it here in front of me. However I made a few notes and jottings on the stories. I'll have a look if i can find an intact copy in one of the local second hand bookshops, but maybe somebody else has one? if all else fails you can have this copy merry! i'll check you blog and try to message u on that later.

ann burnett said...

I had the same problem but the deputy editor ( sent me a pdf file of my story which was better than nothing.

Tickle said...

I wish the editor's would realise how important it is for us to have a copy of our work in print. I'd never mind paying for postage, the mag etc etc to have a copy.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the editor for the third time and got a response this time. He says he mailed the issue to me. If I don't receive it within two weeks, I will post again, asking Ali to send along an addy. I'm in the USA. Thank you! ~ Merry ~