Sunday, 31 October 2010


Where I was last week with my family - yes we had a fab time!

Came home to the latest issue of Writers' Forum which contains some juicy articles, including an interview with Maggie Seed who is the My Weekly Pocket Novels editor, which is a must-read for anyone considering writing a pocket novel. The guidelines for them are available on this blog. Once you've sold a pocket novel, you can often sell it again to a large-print publisher such as Ulverscroft, who supply books to libraries so then you'll earn PLR (public lending rights) payments for years afterwards. So don't let the low fee from My Weekly put you off writing them!

Also in the magazine is Sheila Norton aka Olivia Ryan's article on short story writers who become novelists, or vice versa. She polled dozens of writers to find out whether people tended to start with shorts or go straight to novels. The results are fascinating, and the consensus seems to be that shorts will help you refine your technique and getting them published is a more attainable objective, so they're worth a try even if your main aim is a novel.

And I was delighted to see that Linda Lewis gives this blog a plug in her column this month. Thanks Linda!

I was at Della Galton's book launch for The Dog With Nine Lives yesterday - here's the cover image:

Got my signed copy, of course! which I shall read next. I also met and chatted with several other writers I hadn't previously met - hi Linda, hi David, hi Sue! I love events like this. It's so nice to chat with other people who share your passion for writing. David reminded me of Amanda's List of Womag Writers. Go and take a look if you've not already seen it. If you've had a good year you might want to contact Amanda to have a star added to your tally!


Karen said...

Lovely photograph.

I've just received my copy of Della's book and I'm looking forward to reading it, though I've been warned I might need tissues!

I'm not surprised your blog's had a mention in WF - it's been such a big help to so many writers :o)

Old Kitty said...

Awwww glad you and your family had a fab time!!!

Thanks for all the useful info!! I'll check out Della's book - I know a few people who'd love that as an x-mas pressie! Yay! Take care

blogaboutwriting said...

Check out page 44 of the latest Writers' Forum too. It's a mini poster of "If at first you don't succeed, try, try,...(about a hundred times..) again.." When I've finished reading the mag I'm going to laminate it (ooh, any excuse - I love laminating!) and stick it over my desk to remind me never to give up!
Helen Yendall