Monday, 11 October 2010

How To - regular competition

Remember this comp for a How-To article I posted about back in the summer? Well, it was a great success and now the website is planning to run the competition monthly, with prizes of £50-£100 each month. See here for the press release, and here for the full entry rules. You need to write a How To article, on any topic. Check out the links on the left for articles already published on the site, so you don't duplicate any. Hope lots of you enter - let me know if you do, especially if you win!


Karen said...

Sounds really interesting, I might give it a go :o) There must be something I'm expert at!

Katerina said...

I've tried to enter this but it asks you to register, so I did, but then you cannot see the competition anywhere! Does it actually exist?

Nick said...

Hi Katerina,

I work on behalf of How To, all the competition information is available via the banner on the top right of the site. All articles submitted to the site are automatically entered into the competition.

Hope that helps!

Alex G said...

Thanks so much - hadn't heard of this one. Will add it to my site too!