Friday, 15 October 2010


Good grief, I hear you cry. The woman hardly ever blogs at all these days apart from posting links, then three posts come along at once. What's she on? (Pinot, is the answer btw.)

I'm just on a bit of a roll. A mini roll, I was going to put, but I've given up chocolate for the moment. The novel was progressing slowly but surely, at a pace of about 3000 words a week. It came to a halt about 2 weeks ago on account of pressure at work - the pesky day job, which has become an evening job, a weekend job and a middle-of-the-night-on-callout job, as well.

Yesterday evening at my writing class, we decided on the theme for the end of term competition. Last night, during a bout of insomnia, an entire story came to me, and this evening I have written it in about an hour. Wow that feels so good, and having been novelling exclusively for months it's amazing to have completed something again. It just needs a little edit, and as its under 1000 words that won't take long.

And I also decided, last night, on the next scene for my novel. There should be time tomorrow or Sunday to make a start on that. The great thing about novel writing, I've found, is that I can write in smaller slots of time than I need for short stories. For stories, I need time to write at least half of a story at a time, preferably the whole thing. Which means a couple of hours solid, assuming I already have the idea, the characters, the beginning and the ending firmly fixed in my head.

Whereas with the novel, the characters are known, many scenes are mapped out, I know where I need to get to, and I can leave a scene part written, mid-sentence, and come back to it next time I have ten minutes to spare. I can also write in the sitting room with the TV on, which makes the auld fella think I'm keeping him company (bless). Short stories I need to go hide away in another room. So I leave the novel document open on my laptop, I don't shutdown (just close laptop lid) and therefore can pick up a part written section in seconds.

This is turning into a Friday night ramble. I'll stop there before I lose my way.


Old Kitty said...

Pinot is a good answer!!! Have some more and cheers!!

Well done you with your super duper short story writing blitz!!! Yay!! Good for you!!

And your novel sounds like it's going ever onwards and upwards. I'm in awe that you are able to write anything with the telly on. With me, the telly wins all the time! :-)

Go on have one more glass of le Pinot for the road! It is the weekend! Take care

Joanna said...

It is exciting to hear that your novel is progressing so well. Well done for completing the short story too. You're a fantastic example of how to make the best use of time and never to waste a second of it.

Julie P said...

I need to sit down for bit. You're msking me giddy! You're like a human whirlwind!

Fantastic progress on your novel and short story. Your hard work is truly inspirational (and motivational!) Well done.

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

I've been away from Blogging for a while, so have just found out that you are working on a novel! Fantastic ... very exciting. And I must say that, even mid-novel, I love to break off and write the occasional short story. Something very satisfying about completing something so quickly when you're 50,000 words into something and can't see the light at the end of the tunnel! Well done and keep going. I wrote my first 6 novels while I was still working at my day job and I know how hard it is. xx

Karen said...

Sounds like you're being very productive - it's good to change the pace now and then and keep things fresh :o)

Patsy said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the lure of short stories completely!

Dolores Doolittle said...

Terrific that you're getting on so well with novel AND slotting in a short!

Really fascinating to read what you say about the differences on working on them - another hugely helpful titbit - Thank you!

Bernadette said...

Great to hear you're making such good progress, especially when you have so much else on as well.

Patsy said...

Hi Womag - I have a sweet blog award for you over at mine.

Dream it, then do it said...

Looks like Patsy has beaten me to it!
I also wanted to pass on the Sweet Friends award to thank you for your help and advice.

Lucy said...

I've signed up for NaNoWriMo this year so I'm guessing my novel writing chunks may need to be bigger - but I do agree with you.

I'm actually going to blog it, in order to keep it fun. Fingers crossed I get past the first chapter!!


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Lydia said...

Sorry to be so late with this one - been a bit out of the loop lately. Glad the novel is making good progress, but there is always something special about a short story, especially when you get it down in one sitting. Well done, you! x