Monday, 15 November 2010

50 stories, How To, Can you help? Dogs

The day-job's been horrible lately and given me no time for the important things in life like writing, blogging and eating chocolate. Catching up now with a few snippets from my in-box -

1. 50 Stories for Pakistan now available to buy - see badge on the right. A great charity initiative, may there be many more from Greg!

2. Don't forget the ongoing How To competitions - the November one is now open and the results from the October competition should be on the website any time now. A great way to win £100 from non-fiction!

3. And a plea from a blog reader:
I wonder if your readers can help. I was delighted when I sold a story to Take A Break in the middle of August. It was all a bit of a muddle because we had just got back from holiday and landed in a crisis, but I was told it was scheduled for Issue 43. It wasn’t in Issue 43, so I have looked in every subsequent copy and it hasn’t been in those either. When I got my Remittance Notification, it had 41/10 on it, which led me to think it was in issue 41 and I’d missed it, but it seems it wasn’t in that issue either. Now I am utterly perplexed. If it hasn’t been in yet, then fine, but if I’ve missed it because it was published earlier than scheduled I shall be rather disappointed because it’s only my third sold and happens to be a favourite of mine.
Did anyone spot a story by Linda Gruchy (or Linda Priestley) about a man and woman meeting on a bus in an issue of TAB since mid August please?

If you can help Linda, send me an email via this blog and I'll forward it to her. It's horrible when you miss a publication.

4. And finally, I've read and loved Della Galton's book, The Dog With Nine Lives. It's the perfect stocking filler for all your dog-loving friends and relatives this Christmas, but be warned, you should supply a pack of tissues with each copy. It's a lovely book, and a great example of how to write from your own experiences. Writing from Life, as Lynn Hackles would say.


Old Kitty said...

Sorry about your day job! Boo to them is what I say!!

Thanks for these snippets - 50stories for Pakistan is on my what to get my friends' list for x-mas already!!

And thanks for link to the How To and for Della Galton's book - I've just read the reviews on amazon and I want!!!!!!!

I hope the blog reader with the story in TAB finds her story!! Why doesn't TAB know where her story is??? Good luck anyway!!!! The great thing about blogworld is that it constantly surprises - so hopefully there'll be a blogger out there who recognises the story! Take care

Rachel said...

Hello there! The story was in the Take A Break weekly magazine dated 7th October 2010. It's called 'I Look Old' about the lady on the bus by Linda Gruchy. I kept it actually, because I thought it was good. I hope this helps.

blogaboutwriting said...

This is what worries me about the magazines stopping their contributors’ copies – that I’ll miss one of my stories and I won’t see it in print! (And that’s the most exciting bit – seeing how they’ve presented it on the page and if there’s a nice picture with it. I’m so envious of those writers that get a whole page colour illustration with their stories – I haven’t had one of those yet).
I’m glad that Linda’s story has been ‘found’ now anyway! Another mystery solved thanks to Womagwriter!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are a star, thank you so much.

I'm going to see if I can locate a copy.

My Mum will be peeved because she was looking forward to reading it. I think she'd enjoy TAB anyway, so I might try and get her hooked.

I don't mind not having a contributor copy so long as I know which issue it was in. They resheduled it and caught me on the hop.

Anonymous said...

(Opps, forgot to sign above.)

Linda x

Geraldine Ryan said...

Linda, what a shame you missed it!

Anonymous said...

A happy ending to the missed TAB. Rachel has kindly sent me her copy. Thanks to Rachel and thanks to Womagwriter, I now have something to keep.

x Linda

womagwriter said...

Great news, Linda! And many thanks to Rachel for coming to the rescue.