Monday, 1 November 2010


With thanks to Christine for reminding me of this market:

Scribble is not a women's magazine, but is a nice little small press magazine which is worth investigating. I know a number of writers who've been published in it, and it has a lovely mix of stories.

Take a look at the magazine's website here for full details. They take 1000-3000 word stories, and there is payment for the best three stories published each issue, as chosen by the readers. All contributors get a contributor's copy.


HelenMHunt said...

I've been published by Scribble before and I managed to come third in the voting which meant I got a very welcome cheque. It's definitely worth a go for stories that aren't quite right for the womags.

JO said...

I agree - Scribble is a great little magazine - and published a story of mine in it's last issue, so I've got my fingers crossed for the voting.

When I am Rich said...

Thanks for the info. Looks interesting!