Monday, 31 January 2011

My Weekly latest requirements

These are valid from January 27th to March 24th 2011. I won't post the entire guidelines as much of them are unchanged from before. But briefly, My Weekly are looking for:

  • moving family stories about little children, 1200 words
  • long reads, 2500 words
  • Twist in the Tale, 1400-1600, especially light-hearted themes
  • Coffee Break tales, 700 words, especially light-hearted themes
  • Romance, either 1200 words or 2000 words, once again, light-hearted themes most welcome

Please note that Liz can still only accept short stories from writers who have already had stories published by My Weekly. (This does NOT apply to articles or pocket novels however - those are open to all writers.)

One submission a month please. Include a 30-word My Inspiration piece.

Liz says she's had lots of positive feedback from readers about the quality of fiction in My Weekly, which is lovely to hear. She will send a critique on all submissions from those previously published, but it may take some time before you hear from her, so be patient.

So, there we are, get writing those light-hearted themes! But be careful, light-hearted does not mean light weight. Don't fall into the trivial trap, ensure your story still means something. (That last bit is my interpretation, by the way.)

My Weekly features are written on a commission-only basis. If you have an idea you’d like to pitch to us, please email the following:
Health – Karen Byrom kbyrom (at)
Celebrity, General Features – Susan Anderson sanderson (at)
Real Life – Sally Rodger srodger (at)
Fashion/beauty/diet - Audrey Patterson apatterson (at)
Travel, Cookery – Alison Graves agraves (at)


Emma B said...

Thanks for posting! Very helpful as always

Anonymous said...

Have just discovered your blog and am finding it very useful as planning to submit stories for the first time. Does the latest requirements from My Weekly mean that there is no point my sending stories to them?

womagwriter said...

Anon - My Weekly have for some time stated they won't accept submissions from people they have not already published. This was originally because of a drastic restructure in their fiction department, which left just one person doing the entire job, so I guess she needed a way to cut down on the volume of submissions while still keeping the quality up.

So I would suggest you try some of the other magazines first. If you can get yourself a track record, you could then try My Weekly and state in your covering letter that you've sold to other magazines.

Good luck, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the advice. Have just put my first story in the post to Woman's Weekly, so fingers crossed.

ZeldaT-F said...

Does anyone know if My Weekly are now accepting short story submissions from new writers at all?

womagwriter said...

Hi Zelda
As far as I know they are still only taking submissions from writers they've published before.