Saturday, 8 January 2011

Pocket novels to Large Print

I've mentioned before, I think, that pocket novels sold to My Weekly or People's Friend can often later be resold to a large print publisher. They're the perfect length to print as a normal-sized book in large print, and libraries love them. The author will receive a one-off payment on acceptance by the publisher, and will then earn public lending rights payments for years to come - all of which makes the writing of pocket novels much more lucrative than it might originally seem.

Ulverscroft are one of the major large print publishers in the UK. If you'd like the chance to win a large print version of one of Sally Quilford's pocket novels, hot off the press, then get yourselves over to her blog as soon as possible. She's running a competition to win one, which closes on Monday. All you need to do is state in under 100 words why you feel you deserve to win.

Easy. Because I say you're worth it!


Anonymous said...

Do you know...? If your pocket novel isn't accepted by My Weekly and isn't suitable for The People's Friend, can you have it published directly by a large print publisher or does it have to be published as a pocket novel first?


Quillers said...

Thanks for the plug, Womag!

Sammy, I queried this with Ulverscroft recently, and they told me regretfully they won't publish anything that hasn't been previously published. They don't have an editorial department.

I must do a post on Ulverscroft, to help people alone. That'll be my good deed for the day.

Quillers said...

I've put up a blog post about submitting to Large Print publishers. I hope it's helpful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sally, that's great.

Gail Crane said...

That certainly makes pocket novels a more attractive proposition. I've always thought that £200 (approx) is pretty poor payment for 50k words. Thats the equivalent of about 25 short stories which could sell for around £90 each or more.