Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Two appeals from readers

From my inbox:

Dear Womagwriter

I'm very pleased to have discovered your site. By so doing I have managed to sell two stories to 'that's life' Fast Fiction. Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you! The only problem is I had a palaver getting my first contributor copy (Spring Issue) 'Over The Moon' Kate Hogan. I've been paid for a story in the Summer Issue 'A matter of Time' Kate Hogan. I haven't seen the mag or received a contributors copy so I don't know if it was published or not. Do you or anyone you know have a copy they could check? If I am published in the Summer Issue I'll email Anthony Lambert and ask for him to send me a copy. I'd be really grateful for your help. Many thanks.


Hi there womag writer

Would you consider uploading the following appeal on your blogspot wesbite?

Are there any amateur womag writers out there?
If so, would you be interested in swapping stories and offering feedback on each other's work?
It would be completely FREE and done via e-mail only.
A fresh pair of eyes may help us both!
If you are interested, please e-mail me,

S. Bee at sbee.poetry (at)

Many thanks

Kate - well done on your sales and thank you for the kind words about this blog! If anyone has a spare copy of TLFF Summer issue they could send to Kate please leave a comment on this post and I'll put you in touch.

S.Bee - great idea! I am sometimes asked if I know of writing groups people could join. Here's your chance, folks, contact Sharon direct via her email address above.

Edited 27/1 to correct the above - it's the summer issue Kate is after, apologies for that.


Old Kitty said...

Awww yay for Kate!! I hope she gets copies of That's Life with her stories in them!!! Good luck Kate!!!

And thanks for the heads up for S.Bee!!! It's worth knowing.

Take care

Glynis Scrivens said...

I've got the mags and am happy to scan Kate's stories and email them to her

Amanda said...

I was going to make the same offer as Glynis :-)) as I made the same plea over on my blog recently for myself and fellow writer Susan Wright, and another lovely writer very kindly sent me a copy. But it's fab that Kate will see her story (nothing worse than missing them). Both Susan and I are having trouble getting some of the weekly issues too - so hard to get hold of!

Susan Wright said...

It sounds to me as if very few people, if any, received contributors'copies of the summer That's Life Fast Fiction.
I think it's such a shame if they've stopped sending copies out because I think it's a great magazine. Lovely illustrations - I love seeing my work in there.
Thanks to Mandy (post above) I now have scanned copies of my two stories in the summer mag, but as Mandy says we have both sold more stories to That's Life and we'd be so thrilled if any kind Australian writer could scan past or future publications for us - details of issues required on Mandy's blog. Or failing that, maybe somebody would like to do a magazine swap?

lynne said...

Hiya, lovely to have found you all, Glynis suggested I pop over so I did and found you really nice bunch! Anyway, I'm Lynne, I live in the UK and am just starting writing stories for the womag market. I've loved womag's since childhood, my dad was a printer at the daily telegraph and got them all free! I worked 25+ years as a social worker but have now left cos' I have a creaky old body and want to write fiction. I have written articles for womag's before.
I did try to answer s.bee's request for a critique partner as I'm looking for someone but the mail bounced. If you've popped back, S Bee, I'd love to hear from you on lynnepardoe at
Take care, xxx

Anonymous said...

S.Bee - i belong to the WriteWords writing site and have learnt sooooo much. I belong to the Commercial Short Story group - it's a lovely group and you upload you work there (to the group only if you want, so no one else at WriteWords or on the internet can see it) and the rest of the group (some of them successful womagers) critique the story. You return the favour when they upload theirs. I have learnt a great deal there about subbing and writing womag stories.

Do come an join us! It is £35 a year to join but honestly, it's the best money you will ever spend as a writer.


Sheila Cornelius said...

As a fellow member of the WriteWords group I'd endorse what Sam has to say. I've been tryin gto crack the womag secrtet for some time, and I'd be very happy to share critiques with a fellow writer. I'm a retired teacher, have been writing short stories for a few years but need more incentive to post to magazines.

womagwriter said...

Hi all, thanks for the responses to both these appeals! If you can help Kate please email her on kckapture at aol dot com.