Sunday, 20 February 2011

A competition and a new market and a bit more about payment

Can't remember if I've already mentioned this competition but with just 8 days to go before the closing date it's probably about the right time to remind you of it! The latest competition run by Della Galton and Vanda Inman has the theme: Moving On. Deadline is 28th February. First prize is £150 and the entry fee is £5. See here for more details and how to enter.

Those of you who like writing non-fiction might want to take a look at this new market which is looking for articles about people juggling family life and running a business from home. Thanks to Lydia for forwarding me this link.

Finally - please go and look at this link on Diane Parkin's blog. It's a very good follow-up with some excellent advice on what we were talking about here a couple of weeks ago about late paying magazines.


puteh said...

I cant find Della's email addy on her site, even though she asks us to email her for more info and submission details on the writing comp "Moving On." Does anyone have it please ?

Kath Cat said...

I emailed Vanda to get an entry form/submission details.

The submission details are all on the Writespace website though - it's just the entry form that's not.
Good luck!

Diane said...

Thanks for the link, and for dropping by. :o)

puteh said...

thanks :)

Geraldine Ryan said...

I've posted a comment and a query on Diane's blog re late payments.

Elaine Everest said...

Can I receommend another short story competition that is closing at the end of February? It's The Write Place Creative Writing Schools' 'Winter' themed competition with judge Sally Quilford.
Entries are £4.50 with prizes of £100, £75 & £50


Diane said...

Hi womag and womagwriters. :o)

I've posted something new today to coincide with the potential publication of FF this week (thanks to Geraldine). I hope everyone joins in.