Thursday, 3 March 2011

News round-up

Can I direct you all to Sally's blog, where she has written all sorts of interesting posts lately, including this one about being careful when signing up for writing forums - find out first who you're dealing with; and this one where she's naming 25th March as Anti-Conning Writers' Day. If you've ever been conned out of money as a writer, perhaps paid for vanity publication or signed up for services which were a rip-off, or entered a competition only to find you'd signed away all rights to your story - then consider telling your story on your blog on 25th March, or contacting Sally to tell it for you anonymously on her blog. Let's expose the cowboys who try to make money out of writers by ripping writers off!

And on a happier and more upbeat note, Kate Long's latest novel Mothers and Daughters is now out in paperback - here on Amazon. It's had a change of title and cover (was previously entitled A Mother's Guide to Cheating). You might remember Kate provided a guest post on this blog when the hardback came out. She's a great writer, and this novel is one of my favourites. Would make a great mother's day present, or simply treat yourself to it!

I bought an old, rare book the other day, published in 1945 and containing memoirs of a fellow who was born in 1813. I came across it while doing some genealogical research. And in it I have discovered who my great-great-great-grandfather bought his house from! Which is incredibly exciting to me, but I will understand completely if you are all stifling yawns now.


Ann said...

I love discovering family information. I have been doing family search for years.

Anonymous said...

The old book sounds fabulous, both from a personal point of view for you and a useful glimpse into the past. I love mooching through old books and maps.

Old Kitty said...

I've only ever signed up to two writerly forums before - thankfully they were both great experiences but there were some horror stories from others not so lucky! So yay for Sally!

Congrats to Kate Long!!!

I think you got yourself an amazing book there from 1945!! Take care

Quillers said...

Thanks for the signpost, sweetheart. And I can imagine the thrill of your find re that book. It's bringing history to life, and making Methold seem even more real to you!

Anonymous said...


I found the blog really useful, especially about sources of information. I was wondering though if anyone knew of any markets for light hearted, funny (I hope!) stories for younger woman? I have several 'Chick-Lit style,' which are a bit to young for the usual magazine markets and I'm not quite sure what to do with them!

womagwriter said...

Anon - some of the magazines whose guidelines are on this blog take younger, chick-lit style stories (but always steer clear of explicit sex scenes!) Best thing to do is buy a few magazines and study the markets, then see where you think your stories would fit in best and target that magazine.

Kate said...

Thank you very much for the mention!

Jane said...

and now I want to know which GGGGG grandfather, and where the house was!
Would love to join in the anti conning blog, but need to check ground rules first!