Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Have we lost another market?

I've had an email suggesting that the Australian magazine Woman's Day is closing its doors to fiction submissions. (Thanks to Fran for passing this on.)

Has anyone heard anything more? Can't believe we are losing another market. It seems as though soon only the magazines which have traditionally specialised in fiction (Woman's Weekly, Take A Break, My Weekly, People's Friend, Australian That's Life) will be left.

Edited 15/4/11 - sounds like the fiction editor Julie Redlich is retiring and Woman's Day is dropping fiction. They will use any stories already accepted, but don't send any more.


Bernadette said...

I was told today that they weren't accepting any more fiction 'at the moment'.

I've queried whether this is because of overstocking - which was mentioned before - or is a hint at the fiction slot going for good. I'll let you know if I get a response.

It will be a real shame if it does go. I haven't sold much to them but they do a nice job with the stories and Julie Redlich is lovely.

Patsy said...

Sorry, but it does seem as though they're stopping the fiction.A friend of mine had a story returned because they're no longer accepting fiction for publication.

LilyS said...

Oh no - I was just coming here to check out their guidelines funnily enough. Such a shame! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard (recently) fiction will only be dropped for a little while because they need pages to cover the Royal Wedding. So should only be temporary - the dropped fiction that is, not the marriage!

Susie said...

Hope you are right about it being temporary but this is the email I received this week.

Thank you for sending a short story for consideration. Unfortunately, I have to return it to you as Woman’s Day is no longer accepting short stories for publication.

Thank you for your interest in our magazine.
Julie Redlich
Fiction Editor, Woman’s Day

Anonymous said...

Lydia here - I have asked people who miss the short stories in magazines to write and ask for the fiction slot to be reinstated.
I am sure that people did not write in and say 'I hate your fiction page' so why did the short story vanish? Who made this decision? Have magazines found that their circulation has increased by removing the fiction?
The Weekly News used to have one story a week if there was room, now there are two or three each week! I don't think this expansion would have happened if it were detrimental. Look at Woman's Weekly - they are printing more fiction specials.
Reader pressure might work. If your friends are complaining about magazines being about celeb, celeb, celeb, please ask them to do something about it, and make their feelings known.

Bernadette said...

They do have a new Editor, so maybe they're waiting to see what changes she will make.

Or maybe Julie's 'at the moment' in my email was a bit hopeful on her part.

Paula Williams said...

I had exactly the same email as Suzie yesterday, I'm afraid. Not sounding good.
Woman's Weekly cut back on their fiction when the new editor started only to reinstate it after readers complained. All credit to those readers - and to the magazine for listening. Perhaps if the Woman's Day readers did the same thing....?

Kat said...

Oh crap - the number of mags taking fiction is dwindling every week it seems.

We need someone to start up a new fiction magazine!

Lydia said...

That might be why I haven't heard anything about my most recent submission then. Such a shame. You're right Bernadette: they do a lovely job with the stories and Julie is great.
Must point out Anonymous here isn't me!! How strange: 2 Lydias posting on the same thread!:)

Bernadette said...

Just had a reply from Julie and unfortunately it is true that they won't be purchasing any more fiction at Woman's Day. Anything already purchsed will be kept for future use.

What a terrible shame - for Julie too no doubt.

Paula Williams said...

I had the following email from Julie this morning.
Dear Paula,
Thanks for your kind words. I am leaving at the end of next week – probably about time as I have been working for magazine since 1955! However I shall miss editing fiction and “meeting” all the nice authors via email around the world. I’ve been so lucky in having submissions from around the world. And, of course, as you know I have really enjoyed your work.
All good wishes, for your continued successful writing.

Such a shame. She was a delight to deal with and I'm sure we all wish her well in her well-deserved retirement.

Karen said...

That's a real shame. Not that I ever sold them anything, but I did submit there now and then.

Reader pressure is worth a try, although my Mum and I tried it with Woman and Woman's Own and it didn't make a blind bit of difference!

Diane Fordham said...

This is a shame. Hopefully things will pick up for us writers. In my experiences over here in Australia I've seen New Idea dwindle off accepting short stories and magazines such as For Me and Aussie Post no longer exist. We now have That's Life weekly mag, That's Life Fast Fiction and Take 5(which seem to publish a short story every fortnight - hopefully this increases. The supply exceeding the demand in regards to short stories is a bit scary! I have ventured overseas recenly - well my stories have - so fingers crossed some good news for me soon!For all of us! :-)

Suzanne Jones said...

Not good. Although I flicked through the current that's life summer special (UK version) and they seemed to have three short stories in there. I'm looking on this as a sign of hope.


womagwriter said...

Thanks all for your comments. Another one gone, then. Bum.

deborahjbarker said...

That's a shame - agree with Kat - time to start a new fiction magazine. I tried that on a small scale a few years ago and it is a lot of hard work so if there is anybody out there? If there is truly a gap in the market, someone will fill it I suspect.

Jenny said...

*Insert swear word!*
Oh that's such a shame. I've sold a couple of stories to Woman's Day and it was a pleasure to deal with Julie.
Can't believe I've only just found out.
I'm off for a sulk.