Wednesday, 20 July 2011

BBF & MBNV & cycling

September's Writers' Forum arrived today, and I was delighted to see the subject of the dwindling commercial short story market well aired in a fabulous piece by Douglas McPherson. Sounds like all is not lost at TAB weekly - occasional stories are still being bought for that magazine. And although The Lady have stopped fiction, they'll read anything sent in and if it's brilliant, they'll publish it. Same at Candis where officially they're only taking commissioned stories.

Added at 22:18 - Pat reports in the comments that Best has fiction in it this week, and also announces a fiction competition. Rush out and buy it, everyone! Their FB page is here if you'd like to go and comment.

If you haven't already, do join Julie P's Facebook campaign to Bring Back Fiction - here. We can make a difference!

If you're writing longer length romantic fiction, the M&B New Voices 2011 competition is approaching, open to anyone who hasn't had a full length novel published.

I'm away next week - cycling and camping in the Cherbourg peninsula. Won't be doing anything like the milage of the TdeF riders, but then again, they don't carry heavy panniers, tents, sleeping bags etc. See you when I get back. Happy writing everyone!


HelenMHunt said...

That is good news about the markets. Maybe things are about to take a turn for the better.

li said...

That's good news. There are a lot of online journals and such publishing short stories, but they don't seem to have the viewership or the respect that print commands.

Pat Posner said...

Best Magazine has fiction in this week! And there'll be a short story in every week through Summer.
There's also a short story comp; you have to collect four vouchers to enter.
A few of us have posted a comment on Best's Facebook page; anyone who's on FB might want to comment as well.

Old Kitty said...

Happy holidays to you womagwriter!!!!

I've not had my writer's forum yet - I look forward to reading this article!!

Take care

womagwriter said...

That's great news, Pat! Will edit the post to add this news now.

Elaine Everest said...

Good news about Best! I wonder who they bought their stories from?

The M&B rules state we cannot enter if we've written novel or non fiction books. which is very strange.

Anonymous said...

Hi All - just read the blog sound like some good news. I was wondering if anyone knew what is happening at Candis re: their web based fiction?
It's not clear to me whether there is any payment involved or whether it is just a shop window of sorts for fiction. Any wise Womagwriters out there who can enlighten me? Many thanks. Kath

Geraldine Ryan said...

Anyone got an email address for the Best fiction editor to get the new guidelines? It would be good to know.

Pat Posner said...

Hey, Best have replied to the comments on their FB page:

"Hi ladies, thanks for the feedback with our fiction special."

joanne fox said...

Have a lovely holiday! x

Dream it, then do it said...

Brilliant news.

Have a great holiday.

Bernadette said...


The Candis online thing is just a showcase - no payment I'm afraid.

Madeleine Swann said...

Oh dear, this is the first I've heard of that. I'll go and have a look on Facebook too, and do an entry on my own blog.

Can I ask, do you make a decent living from this?

Bernadette said...


There are some who make a living, often supplemented with non-fiction articles/workshops etc, but the vast majority I'm sure do not make anything like a living, let alone a decent one.
I certainly don't.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette

Thanks for the info on the Candis Fiction. I had thought it was maybe some kind of showcase but hoped I was wrong. Your response is much appreciated.
Good wishes

Anonymous said...

I bought an issue but only because of the mention of fiction on here. The cover wouldn't have attracted nme at all. It's all Green Goblins Ate My Baby type real-life stories, which I loathe, both because of the content and because they're ghost written and seem to be dumbed down with poor grammar.

If I want to read a magazine I want to read about heart warming real life stories about nice pople achieving things, or fiction as escapism.

Anyway, perhaps I should read it before whining about the content. I've bought an issue and will put the kettle on...

Anonymous said...

what a negative comment.