Thursday, 6 October 2011

National Poetry Day today

To celebrate my birthday
which happens to be today
I thought I'd write a post to say
It's National Poetry day!

To give you something new to try
I thought it would be fun
To ask you write all comments in rhyme
This post could run and run!

As you see I'm not a poet
Just as well I know it.


Patsy said...

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Sorry but this is the
Best that I can do!

JO said...

Happy birthday, womagwriter,
You make my working days much brighter;
Come writers all, and raise a glass,
For all that womagwriter does;
You know without her we'd be poorer
And all our stories find no homes - er
We'd flounder if she did not cheer us
On with all her competitions.

(A few half-rhymes here. otherwise known as cheating.)

Debbie said...

Womagwriter has told us to write,
A poem, so I thought that I might,
Wish her Happy Birthday!
Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray,
Did I pass? Was that all right?

womagwriter said...

Very good Patsy, short and simple
Good one Jo, made me dimple
Debbie yes that definitely passed
How I hope it won't be the last...

Old Kitty said...

Happy birthday womagwriter!
You make blogworld so much nicer!
You are fabulous and so glamorous!
Happy birthday womagwriter!

Hip hip hooray!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Womagwriter
You Really Are A Star
Bringing Lots of Goodies For We Writers
From Near And Afar

We Look Forward To Your Postings
Your Words Always Bring Cheer
Not Only On Your Birthday
But Every Time Of Year

So Happy Birthday Womagwriter
As Said You Are A Star
It Doesn't Matter How Many Years You've Notched
We All Love You As You Are

Love Kath XXX

Lydia said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! :) x

beverley said...

Poet or not, many happy returns to you,

On your day of birth a celebration is due,

I hope you have had a wonderful, pampered day.

Champagne, chocolate truffles? Yes, of course, you may...

Sincere sentiments - Happy Birthday we all say.

(I tried :!)

Nan Sheppard said...

There once was a Womagwriter fine
Who knew how to turn out a line
She wrote reams of advice
Which her friends thought was nice
And her riches and fame were sublime!

*Snort*... okay, I rhymed myself into a corner there :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's fabulous, and I hope riches and fame are yours this year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kath,
Hope you had a laff,
Lots of biscuits, cake and wine
without spending the day wishing you could turn back time....

LOL - a poet i aint...

Hope you had a great day,


Kath said...

For many a year, your blog has helped
Us writers sell our wares
And woo stern editors, and share
Our writers' many cares.
So happy birthday, Womag dear,
We'll raise a glass indeed
To she who's always there for us,
Whose blog we love to read.

SarahE said...

I was going to write and say,
Happy Birthday it's today,
But now it has to rhyme,
I'm stuck ........

Hope you have a lovely day!
All that's good, Sarah England x

womagwriter said...

Ooh, this gives me such a rush
Your lovely poems are making me blush
Thank you all for your lovely rhymes
Which made my birthday a really special time!

Bernadette said...

I meant to write a poem
To celebrate your day
But then I left it far too late
So now it's gone away

So apologies dear Womag
I hope I won't be slated
This birthday wish is genuine
Though it is a tad belated

womagwriter said...

Bernadette you're not so very late
Besides I think your poem's great
It is the one which scans the best
So just as good as all the rest!

Geraldine Ryan said...

My wishes are somewhat belated
But I think birthdays are oe'rated
Hope it was a great one anyway
And thanks for posting every day...

(well, not every day, but you know what I mean. Maybe I should have my poetic license renewed!)

Diane Fordham said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I've given you a 'Friendly Blogger Award'. So if you like please visit my blog and collect it. :-)

Big mamma frog said...

Rhyme? Rhyme?
You want me to write in rhyme?
With all of this writing,
my schedule is frightening.
You know that I can't find the time.

Anonymous said...

You're not a poet?
I could not tell!
Oh, dear. I've lied -
I'm bound for Hell.

Maggie May said...

This post is fun
And what's more
I can't improve
On those before!

Belated birthday greetings!

Maggie May said...

Happy birthday to you,
Fish and chips, well just a few.
Lots of trifle is delightful,
And a cream cake or two.

A better one!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you,
squashed tomatoes and stew,
happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday to you.

couldn't resist it - we used to sing it at school.
one more day at school
one more day of horror
no more latin no more french
we're breaking up tomorror.
along with
our school din dins
come from pig bins
ooooout of town.
anyone remember 'out of town'?

womagwriter said...

Thank you
One and all
For your poems
Big and small

Means a lot
You touched my heart
Now you've proved
You're all so smart!