Wednesday, 5 October 2011

News round-up

1. NAWG short story competition, closing date 31st October, 1st prize £250, to be judged by Linda Lewis. Entry fee £5, for an additional £3 Linda will provide a detailed crit of your story. Full details here (scroll down).

2. Helen Hunt's next writing workshop is entitled Moving On. To be held on 29th October in Northampton, fee £35 which includes lunch. Full details on her blog here.

3. As part of National Short Story Week (November 7th to 13th) a charity audiobook of women's short stories entitled Women Aloud has now been launched. Two hours of stories for £9.99 - details here. Some top names have contributed stories to this anthology. It's the first time I've heard of an audiobook of short stories and I think it's a great idea! Play them in the car on long journeys or buy as a gift for your mum/aunt/grandmother.

4. And some magazine guideline updates - clarification on required story lengths for Australian That's Life Fast Fiction - the editor buys mostly 700-800 word one-page stories, and 1200-word two-pagers. He also occasionally buys longer stories of about 2700 to spread across four pages.

5. Woman's Weekly Fiction Special is increasing to 12 issues a year from 10. They'll need more stories! Pop over to Helen Yendall's excellent blog here for their latest letter to contributors to see what they do and don't want right now.

6. And while you're looking at Helen's blog, see also her series of Magazine Madness posts in which she describes dozens of markets for fillers and letters.

There you are - plenty for everyone and I've caught up with passing on all the lovely snippets and bits of news people have sent me. Thanks to all who've been in contact lately - much appreciated.


Old Kitty said...

Oh wow - such brilliant comps and positive news too !!! Thanks womagwriter!! Take care

Anonymous said...

Thanks Womag - don't know what we'd do without you!

Good wishes


Diane Fordham said...

You are a fountain of information - thanks so much for all your great informative posts!

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks a lot for these, Kath.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those, womag.

As regards the NAWG contest, the rules state you may not enter a story that has already won a prize in another comp. I have a couple of stories that have been short-listed/highly commeneded elsewhere, i wonder if it's okay to enter them, as they haven't come first, second or third? What does everyone think?



Geraldine Ryan said...

I would have said that being short-listed or highly commended isn't the same as winning and would enter it elsewhere, once I'd tried to get it up to winning standard, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay, thanks, Geri - yes, i think they both need a bit of a rewrite:)