Friday, 25 November 2011

Amazon Reviews

Superb post here by Anne Allen on Amazon reviews. In an ideal world, everyone who ever posts book reviews on Amazon would read this article.


Old Kitty said...

Loved the post - thanks. Yes Amazon ratings are in a world of their own truly!

Reading a novel is so subjective - my tastes are not everyone's and vice versa. It's like I buy a book, I don't like it, I donate it to a charity and I move on. No big deal. If I read a book and I love it, I tell the whole world and his brother!!

Posting a negative/indifferent 1-3 star review seems so pointless. On the otherhand spreading some joy after a fab read makes perfect sense!

And yes you really don't do the author any favours by being negative about their story. Just move on - get another book. please! :-)

Take care

Frances Garrood said...

A really interesting post, although, unlike Kitty, I think if we are going to give 5 star reviews, we should also be allowed to give 1-3 star ones, provided we give proper reasons and we've given the book a fair chance. I review for the Amazon Vine programe, where we are obliged to give books a star rating, and I take this very seriously and try to be fair and conscientious.

However, as an author, I hesitate to ask friends to post reviews of my books, because these may be biased, and that isn't fair on the reader.

The whole thing has become a bit of a minefiedl recently, with some reviewers giving, say, one star because the book arrived late - harldy the author's fault! I find it helps when reading reviews to look at the other reviews written by that person; you can get an idea of what their tastes are, and they may not be the same as yours.

Anne R. Allen said...

Thanks so much for giving my post a shout-out. I seem to have upset a few people because they think I'm telling them not to give negative reviews. That's not my intention at all. Without negatives, the positives wouldn't mean anything. I'm talking to readers who don't realize the importance of Amazon reviews and encouraging them to review. I'm also telling them that if they love a book, 2 and 3 stars don't convey that message. Mostly I'm trying to tell readers they have much more power than they imagine.

Bernadette said...

I was choosing a Christmas book for my husband yesterday and the one I was looking at only had three stars as a review. As it was not a subject I knew much about this could easily have put me off buying this particular book - until I read the review, which said the book arrived promptly, but it hadn't been read yet so the reviewer couldn't comment on the content! What's the point of that?

I would take a slight issue with the age cut-off in Anne's article though. Although I agree that, on average, younger people are more techie savvy, 45 isn't so old and there are many people older than this (cough!) who are well aware of how Amazon ratings etc. work.