Tuesday, 1 November 2011

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A few bits and pieces for you -

How about this - an estate agency running a writing competition! Well, we all have to branch out, I suppose. Anyway, the competition is being run by Peter Barry agency; the theme is, perhaps not surprisingly, 'Moving Home'; the closing date is 12th December and the top prize is £750. There's no entry fee and you can email your stories, so there's nothing to lose! Full details here

Sally Q and some other writers of pocket novels have set up a blog dedicated to the art of the 50,000 word romance. Here it is and may I especially draw your attention to Sally's superb post on Conflict which is as applicable to short stories as it is to pocket novels. If you're a writer of pocket novels or a wannabe writer of them, this blog is definitely one to follow.

And finally, I'm delighted and proud to announce the launch of the Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After website! Yes I know I've linked to it before, but there's a lot more on it now, including profiles of all the authors (including me) and tasters of some of the stories. The website was built by the incredibly talented Leigh. The book is due out as an ebook before Christmas and as a paperback soon after. I'll post again (of course!) when it is available; or sign up on the website to be the first to hear.


Old Kitty said...

Yes I did see this writing comp via the lovely Patsy Collins site - couldn't believe it!! I'm actually working out a story to send to this! Yay!!

Huge congrats with your story in Tears anthology too - and thanks for the links!

Take care

Sally Quilford said...

Thanks for the link to the Pocketeers, womag. We're hoping it will become as popular as your fab blog! I'm also proud to be a part of Tears and Laughter and Happy Ever After. And yes, Leigh is very talented and has worked really hard to make this happen, along with the rest of the working group.

Rena George said...

Can I add my thanks for the link to the Pocketeers. It looks like becoming a great Blog and a useful writing resource.
Congratulations to everyone involved in setting it up.
And yes, Sally's post on 'conflict' is excellent.
I tried to post a comment but Google wouldn't let me in.
(And this is my third attempt here) Is anyone else having this problem?

Prue said...

Thanks for sharing news of the competition. I'm into competitions at the moment - not that my writing is good enough to win but it gives me a goal and enables me to be more focussed with my writing practice.
Thanks :)

Sally Quilford said...

Rena, I'm sorry you couldn't comment on the Pocketeers blog. We've changed the settings now as even one of our own contributors had problems. You should be able to post without problems. and thank you!