Thursday, 19 January 2012

Moving On

Della Galton's latest book, Moving On, does what it says on the tin. It explains in detail the differences between writing short stories and writing a novel, and it's not just about the length! It's a must-have for any short story writer who's thinking about trying a novel.

Using lots of examples, Della shows the differences between a story plot and a novel plot, and helps you recognise the form in which your latest idea would work best. She explains how important it is to really know your novel characters, why they need a full backstory, friends and family - even if you're not going to use this in the novel. She shows why using a single viewpoint is usually best for a story, while it could be too limiting for a novel. She covers beginnings, middles and ends, theme, structure and flashback and how their use differs depending on what you are writing.

The whole thing is written in Della's easy to read style, and comes thoroughly recommended by this writer. I just wish this book had been available a couple of years ago when I started writing my novel! I suspect I'll be referring to it a lot while I write the next one.

Available here from Amazon.


Old Kitty said...

Thanks for such a timely recommendation womagwriter! I'll definitely have more than a gander at this book! Take care

Gail Crane said...

I bought this book a week or so ago and can thoroughly recommend it. It is written in Della's usual easy-to-follow style and tells you all you need to know about the difference between short stories and novels. I also have her book on writing short stories.
Both books are brilliant and a must for every writer's bookshelf.

Nan Sheppard said...

I just know there is a book in me! Full of obeah and people who can hide in a kernel of corn and mad aunts. I need a clone of myself to accomplish it though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Womagwriter. I probably could have done with this in the past six months. I bought and enjoyed Della's short story 'How To Book' so maybe I'll buy this one too. Good wishes

Diane Fordham said...

Thanks for the post. I must say I am hearing a lot of good reports promoting Della's book. I must get myself a copy :-)

della galton said...

Thanks Kath for mentioning my new book. And thanks everyone else for saying lovely things about it. I only just spotted this. Have been feeling a bit down today and it's really cheered me up. love Della x