Sunday, 5 February 2012

Competition - deadline extended

The deadline for the competition announced in the previous post about serials has been extended to noon on 15th February, to give you all a bit more time.

Here's a reminder of the competition:

To win a copy of 'Leave Over’ by Geraldine Ryan - write the first two hundred words of Episode One of a crime serial in which your sleuth must make an appearance.

You can post your entries beneath this or the previous blogpost. The competition will be judged by Geri, and the winner will be announced on 22nd February.

So come on, all, get your deerstalker hats on and get writing! Good luck to all.


JulieSmith said...

How do i leave my story opening? Do i have to post it as a comment? Thanks. Julie

womagwriter said...

As a comment please, Julie. I think you figured this out before I got here to answer this!