Monday, 6 February 2012

WW on your Kindle

I've just realised that Woman's Weekly Fiction Special is available for Kindle! Fantastic - no more rummaging around at the newsagents then finding I'm too late for an edition. Just click, click, whispernet and there it is.

Latest issue just out features Della Galton as this month's Big Name - which was a surprise to her when someone flashed the magazine in front of her at the weekend. Now then - something to aspire to - once you've got into WWFS, you then need to work up to being the big name for an issue. Ah, distant dreams....

(If you don't have a Kindle, you can download free software here to read Kindle ebooks on your pc, laptop, Mac, smartphone, ipad etc)


Patsy said...

Oh - I hadn't realised it was available on kindle. Good news as the mag can be hard to track down sometimes.

Old Kitty said...

I do have the free kindle thingy on my pc - may be worth using for the WW fiction special! Yay! Thanks for the info! Take care

Linda Gruchy said...

Oh that is good news. Thanks. I think all magazines will be heading that way.

But then, I suspect we're all heading that way too. I just brought out an anthology of short stories on Kindle, and I'm sure others will be doing the same.

And there wil be more anthologies like Tears & laughter as well.

It's great the WW Fiction Specials are available like that because I get tired of the huge volume of paper in my house.

I wonder... since this is a magazine do we have to opt to hang onto the issue, like with some newspapers? (I'm rather new to this Kindle lark.) If so, we must remember to do so. It might just be for newspapers.

Oh crumbs, I sound a bit muddled, don't I? I just remember reading something in my Kindle instructions. I think you can archive periodicals you want to hang onto.

Anonymous said...


WW on Kindle is also available in America, France, Germany and likely other countries, yet WW as far as I know only buy first British serial rights and the rights for Australia.

As far as I know they also haven't bought any digital rights from their authors at all.

Am I mistaken? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon. I would hope that Woman's Weekly have considered this rights issue and not used rights they haven't paid for.

Have they actually told their authors that their stories are available on Kindle?

Denise said...

I've downloaded it immediately! Easy to carry around and read whenever I have a minute too.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo I haven't got a kindle. But even if I did I would be sharing the concerns of the other Anons regarding rights. If all magazines go the Kindle route it will mean that writers who are lucky enough to sell their work will, in the long run, have a diminishing market as they will not be able to sell their work to more than one magazine, I think. All a bit scary if you ask me.

Linda Gruchy said...

Anon 22.50. You don't need a Kindle because you can download Kindle readers for free onto various devices like your computer. (Or get a technohero to do it.)That then allows you to download Kindle books... and there's some good stuff out there (as well as some not so good stuff.)

The great thing is, if you do get a Kindle at a later date, you can synchronise that and previous downloads so you don't have to buy it over again.

I got a Kindle for Xmas because it wil save luggage space on holiday, save bookshelf space at home (in theory - not sure I can give up the paper habit yet) and because I'd decided to put some of my work on Kindle whilst waiting for my agent to work her magic with a couple of other novels (fingers crossed.

I'm really pleased with it.

I was also pretty sure magazines would be heading this way, though my Kindle is only in B&W at present. It makes sense, though I hope they still print paper editions. I can't see my MiL (typical womag reader)downloading onto a kindle ever.

I agree that if magazines now need world wide rights then it will diminish the potential markets in other countries, but all magazine markets are under pressure just now, and if this is what it takes for the market to survive, then needs must.

There are advantages in that if people are psychologically attuned to buying magazine anthologies online and like your stories they've read in WW, you could bring out your own anthology of stories which are, say, too edgy for WW, and gain that way as a bonus.

It looks scary but I think there are more opportunities than threats here, both for the industry and for us.

Anonymous said...

To the other anons:-

WW do buy electronic rights. It is covered in the agreement that writers sign when they are accepted.

However, at the time of signing for a lot of people electronic publishing won't have been where it is now, so many people would have been unaware of what they were agreeing to. (Though I expect they would have signed anyway.)

I also agree that it would have been polite for WW tell their writers that this was happening, which I don't believe they did.

I do think it's a shame that writers markets will become narrowed because of it. However, I like Linda's attitude. Better this than another mag closes or stops publishing fiction altogether and maybe there will be other opportunities that arise as a result.

Got to think positive and battle on!

marian h said...

Anybody know if Woman's Weekly have stopped sending out complimentary copies? I have a story in the new one but I haven't received a copy. If so, it is such false economy, in my opinion. Twenty copies plus postage?

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Fascinating discussion about the rights isssue, which is very important. Thanks for letting us know about the kindle version of WW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda. I'll look into this downloading of a Kindle reader - just need to find a technohero!
I can see your point about the possibilities of Kindle opening up the market for writers in other ways than simply waiting for magazine acceptances. Fingers crossed it will work out. Thanks again for advice on Kindle reader.

Helen Yendall said...

they do still send out complimentary copies but sometimes they're a bit slow! I haven't had mine for this issue yet either. I usually end up buying my own copy because I can't wait to receive the complimentary one in the post - and then I have 2, to bore people with!!

marian h said...

Thanks, Helen. I usually get my copy (when I'm in!) the week before they go on general sale.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Excellent blog with lots of information and tips available to a new fiction writer like me trying to pick my way through the markets available. I have added you to my blogroll here.

Thanks so much xx

womagwriter said...

Anon 8th Feb 22:02 - there's a link in my blog post to the Amazon page where you can download the free Kindle reader. You don't need a technohero, just a mouse and a few clicks.

Karen said...

The do send out complimentary copies - I got mine today :o)

Anonymous said...

I've been told that WW now want world rights for 18 months. I've been told it is in their latest contracts.
Elaine E.

Anonymous said...

I've been told that WW now want world rights for 18 months. I've been told it is in their latest contracts.
Elaine E.

Geraldine Ryan said...

Anon that's been the case for a while. Same with Bauer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Womagwriter - info on Kindle. Anon22.02
Any chance I could have a technohero anyway!

pierre l said...

I have bought the January and February issues. As far as I can tell, they are like individual books @Linda Gruchy (as opposed to a magazine subscription). It's a great start although I hope they will include the issue date as part of the title in the future. Thanks for letting us know, Womag