Saturday, 3 March 2012

Before She Was Mine

It's two weeks until Mother's Day. Here's a great suggestion for a present for your mum (or for yourself, why not!)
Kate Long's latest book, Before She Was Mine, is now out in paperback. It tells the story of Freya, who has two mothers - her adoptive mother Liv, who's an environmentalist earth-mother type; and her birth mother Melody who is vibrant and bohemian, still acting like a teenager herself. When Liv gets cancer and Melody gets pregnant, Freya is pulled in many directions and has a lot to deal with.

It's a brilliant book - full of quirky detail and characters who leap off the page. Thoroughly recommended.

The publisher are also running a competition connected with the launch of this book - win a luxury spa day for two at Champneys. Actually I wasn't going to mention this, as I want to win it myself, but this blog's about sharing info so I suppose, reluctantly, I should give you the link.
Edited to add - Kate has kindly offered to send personalised book-plates if you contact her via her website (linked above). That'll make it a really special present!


Old Kitty said...

Good luck with the competition and yay for the info to this book - sounds wonderful! Take care

Patsy said...

Sorry I can't send you on the spa break, but I do have a little something for you over on my blog.

Kate said...

Thanks for the mention! If any readers want to email me via my site, I can send out free personalised bookplates, eg for Mothers' Day. X

Lydia said...

Thanks for sharing! Even if it is through gritted teeth, lol! x

womagwriter said...

Ooh, wow Kate thanks for the offer of bookplates. Will update post to show that more prominently. Also, I'd like a bookplate for my mum - will be in touch!

Kate said...


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